1. marcus says

    I’m going kayaking and diving in the Sea of Cortez next week. I’m sure I’ll be playing with several two-spotted octopuses. I know that they’re just waiting for me there in their little garden.

  2. Artor says

    That looks like quite the cuddle-puddle! Someone is missing an arm though. It’s a good thing she brought spares.

  3. Trebuchet says

    When I follow that link, the photo is captioned “An Octopus Being Captured”. If there’s just one, it’s at least a dodecapus.

  4. Bob Merlin says

    I believe it’s called Octoporn. It’s considered rude to come with an odd number of arms as there’s an odd arm feeling left out.
    Octopuses are such wonderful creatures but they are on the slutty side!
    The ones in the Sea of Cortez and the California coast can be very friendly with a little work and treats.
    Have Fun!

  5. Platylobium Obtuseangulum says

    @ 10. Bob Merlin : “Octopuses are such wonderful creatures but they are on the slutty side!”

    OTOH, I gather they are about the most dedicated and self-sacrificing mothers known in nature if Irecall my Attenborough docos correctly, yeah?

    @9. blf : Huh? That’s Greek to me. (Or is it Hellenic?)

  6. blf says

    Platylobium Obtuseangulum@12, Terry Pratchett, Pyramids. The best mathematicians are camels. Ergo, Euclid was a camel. The picture is not a camel. Ergo, it is not Euclid, that is, it is non-Euclidean. Q.E.D.

  7. Von Krieger says

    There’s an unincorporated community around here (NW Minnesota) called Euclid.

    So by default I, and also PZ, live in non-Euclidean Minnesota.