1. imback says

    I’ll be there. I came to the last one. The rifts within weren’t as wide back then, so this one may be different.

  2. Ray, rude-ass yankee SJW "Bwaahahahaha!" says

    I am planning on it! I need to get my vacation time lined up. Washington DC is close enough to be a day trip, but having Fri & Sun off would make it easier. The last one was very cool & fun.
    PZ, if you are there again this time, and if we have a group of horde members who are interested, is there a chance you would be open to the possibility of a meet-up? Before, during, or after the event, whatever works? I know it’s way early, but just thought I’d throw the idea out there.

  3. says

    You made this long-term lurker log in just to ask a question (because I have not seen mention of it): Are you, PZ, actually going to be showing up to speechify, or will you be content as a part of the crowd?

    It’s close enough for me to make it a day trip as well, as I did the last one. That’s the current plan, anyway!