#cvg2015: It’s Convergence time again!


We’re in a bit of a tizzy around here — Convergence starts on Thursday, and since we have a Freethoughtblogs party room at the event, Mary and I are actually heading out to Bloomington tomorrow, to start putting it all together. It’s a big job — we have to spill-proof a hotel room, move in lots of special furniture (like a bar!), put up flyers, register, decorate, etc., etc., etc. And then during the con, I’m doing 8 panels/demos (I have sensibly cut down from previous years, when I’ve done as many as 15, which was exhausting).

We partner with Skepchick, which has the party room next to us, and I confess, we steal ideas from them. Last year, they took advantage of their room to host additional programming, beyond what was on the official Convergence schedule, and we’re doing that this year, too. Jeremy Messersmith is joining me to talk about the neurobiology of music on Saturday afternoon, and we’ve got additional salons planned. If you’re at Convergence, check the signs for the our party room — The Deep, room 228 — for a schedule of additional discussions.

Or just come by Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday evening for drinks and conversation.


  1. Raucous Indignation says

    “It’s not gonna be an orgy?”

    Well, that’s it; I’m definitely NOT stopping by!

  2. frankb says

    For the second time in three years my wife and I are not planning to attend. Two years ago we had to go to Ohare to pick up our daughter coming back from Germany. This Friday we are going to our local airport to pick up the same daughter coming back from Japan. We should call her Axis Jane. So we will miss seeing PZ and Rebecca and the dealers room and con suite and all the room parties.

  3. kaboobie says

    I’m over in the Sheraton as we speak and will stop by at some point today.