1. jefferylanam says

    I’ve never been to the Basque country, but I love the music. They have some wonderful food, but it might be tough for a vegetarian. That’s true of all of Spain, though.

  2. davem says

    Yes, if you want to hear a Spanish waiter laugh, announce that you’re a veggie :0)

  3. magistramarla says

    Isn’t PZ a vegetarian? This could make for awkward meals while he’s there.
    On the other hand, daughter #2 is pregnant and I’m recovering from spinal fusion surgery, so we both need a lot of protein in our diets. We demanded to be taken to a steak house for Mother’s Day.

  4. What a Maroon, oblivious says

    It’s easy to be a vegetarian in Spain, as long as you eat eggs–just stick with the tortilla de patatas.

    Also, a tip–“jamon” etc. is not “carne”.

  5. says

    Perhaps I am wrong, but I had the impression that dr. Myers was somewhat flexible about his vegetarianism.

    Or is it because I am myself a flexible nonvegetarian, that I would imagine others to be equally unprincipled ;-)

  6. cag says

    That tall whitish building – is that supposed to be Picasso’s tribute to the IUD?

  7. Ragutis says

    Wait a minute… PZ leaves the country and the number of atheists in the U.S. goes Up? I’m confused.

    I wish I had the opportunities to travel that you do. Enjoy!

  8. Akira MacKenzie says

    While I know that it’s a Spainish city, a lifetime of American entertainment can’t let me hear the word “Durango” without picturing some cheap 50s Western starring Randolph Scott or a pre-politics Ronnie Regan.

  9. says

    Spain is fucking awesome: culinarily, musically, historically, architecturally and otherwise in a million different ways. (Dear Lard, the wines…) And now even more awesome for having you in it.

    I haz a jellis. *pouts*

  10. azpaul3 says

    #11, Ragutis,

    That does bring up a question.

    How many more of us atheists do we need to throw out of the country before we can completely take over?