1. Al Dente says

    I realize that PZ is teh poopyhead but two fecal posts in one day is bordering on obsession.

  2. says

    Hehe. This weekend we took the kids to an exposition about ancient Egypt. There was, of course, a map f Northern Africa and the Mediterranian. So we looked at the Nile and the Nile Delta and where we are and where we went last summer and I mentioned to the kids that since there are hippos in the Nile (the German word is even “Nile horse”) and the Nile flows into the Mediterranean, the water they swam in in summer had been used as a toilet by hippos.
    You should have seen their faces.
    I love hippos. They’re totally kick ass. Nobody fucks with them because they’ll show you.

  3. twas brillig (stevem) says

    submissive defecation (a female making it know she agrees to sex by showering her shit around, all over, with wanton abandon.) ORLY? is that the best term scientists could fabricate?

    Even worse: Giraffe bulls nuzzle the giraffe cow’s butt for a sip of urine. In the Hippo Bull Shit news (no puns intended), I try to take refuge in that the poop shower of a hippo bull is simply to mark his territory, He doesn’t munch the cow’s poop shower, just recognizes the odor as agreement for some randy funtimes.
    But really, this is TMI

  4. Terre Moto says

    @7: I’m a bit of a hippo fan myself. At one time they were thought to be related to swine, but due to recent DNA and other evidence they are now considered to be more closely related to cetaceans. (Don’t tell the Creationists that or their heads will explode quicker than a hippo’s butt!)