1. says

    I am 232 years old on Mercury, with a birthday coming up in 63 days.

    The Squat Lobster was discovered when I was 55.

    There have been 124 solar eclipses in my lifetime.

    Population has increased by 4,380,741,740 since I was born.

    I am one year younger than Kyoto, Japan.

    I would be 110 years when oil runs out, 112 years old when coal runs out, and 170 years old when gas runs out.

  2. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    I would be 110 years when oil runs out, 112 years old when coal runs out, and 170 years old when gas runs out.

    I’m more interested in do I run out before the Redhead? If that happens, who will care for her?

  3. Rich Woods says

    “How old will you be when resources run out?”

    Fuck that! I want to know when the resource wars will start, not when they will end.

  4. Cuttlefish says

    Gorram BBC is biased toward vertebrates. “2 billion heartbeats”–do I divide by three? Multiply by three? You silly mammals with your single hearts, no wonder you lose track!

  5. magistramarla says

    And what should The Doctor do – multiply by two? One would think that the BBC would have covered this!

  6. psanity says

    I think they’re doing some radical rounding-off with the heartbeats. It says I’ve had 3 billion, and I’m only a few years older than PZ, nowhere near a third older, and I don’t think gender would account for that much of a difference. And I don’t think I’m a Time Lord. So, it’s not just a vertebrate bias.

  7. twas brillig (stevem) says

    re chigau @1:

    It says I’m 1 year older than Kyoto, Japan. [WTF???]

    from wikipedia: [the source of all truth, donchanoe ;-D ]

    Kyoto became a city designated by government ordinance on September 1, 1956

    Of course, Kyoto’s history goes back to the paleolithic times, but formally it began in ’56.

    Although archaeological evidence suggests human settlement in Kyoto basin as early as the Paleolithic period,[3] relatively little is known about human activity in the area before the 6th century AD, around which time the Shimogamo Shrine is believed to have been established.

  8. DonDueed says

    My distance from Voyager 1 is almost exactly the same as my distance traveled around the Sun. The former will soon match and then exceed the latter.

    Of course, the Sun had a head start, but Vger is on its heels.

  9. Al Dente says

    Ipetrich @11

    Humans have a much longer childhood than other similarly sized mammals. A 70 pound female dog is sexually mature by the age of 18 months, an 11 or 12 year old 70 pound girl is entering sexual maturity. It’s my guess that humans have longer life spans than other mammals because of our increased childhoods.