1. davidchapman says

    PZ, you realise you’re just playing into Ken Ham’s deadly rhetorical clutches with this.

  2. Suido says

    Sharks developed forcefields to defend themselves against the ravenous hordes. Next stop, lasers.

  3. Menyambal says

    I love the directional aspect. It’s a flow field, not just a force field.

    We fish are amazing.

  4. Donnie says

    Do bully fish force today fish into dares? “I dare you to touch the dorsal fin of the shark? Just curious….

  5. Who Cares says

    I don’t usually comment on the MMM since they are all beautiful or cool but this one, wow.

  6. Wylann says

    Menyambal, I was thinking the same thing. Fish avoiding predators are a tensor field.

    whoah….mind blown.

  7. Sarahface, who is trying to break the lurking habit says

    I was actually watching something like this on Sunday evening on the BBC (called ‘The Great Barrier Reef: Nature’s Miracle’, and can be found on iPlayer for those that can access it). It was about the Great Barrier Reef, and included footage of lemon sharks hunting, which looks a lot like this. Very cool ^.^