Cheer up

I woke up this morning feeling dreadfully oogie — I might be dying, slowly, sinking into decrepitude and all that. Darn.

So, anyway, I found this.

Feeling slightly better. Might be able to crawl into work. My dissolution into mucus and slime and rotting meat is…deferred. On a cosmic scale, not for long, mind you.


  1. mjmiller says

    That was grrrreat! Thanks for sharing PZ. Sorry you’re feeling oogie. Hoping you get better soon.

  2. mudpuddles says

    I’m in the midst of a depressive episode, at the stage where hiding it seems essential (though counter productive) lest people see me being out of sorts and say “cheer up”. Because being told to “cheer up” is not helpful. But this one time it has worked. Thanks PZ ;) Smiling, and feeling somewhat inspired to be creative. Though I also have an urge to make chicken soup…
    Hope you feel better soon and have a cool weekend.

  3. says

    Yay, more fun with Pharell. I mean, you’ve already got the hat and the great music. Having people take Pharrell into other dimensions is awesome.

    He’s getting love from all over the world:

    Pharrell’s music has been used as a protest against religiously-based restrictions:

  4. harbo says

    I have just spent half an hour rolling around in pomplamoose in you tube & iTunes
    Thank-you so much

  5. says

    Pharrell did “Happy” and “Get Lucky”. But he also did backup vocals on “Blurred Lines” – yes, the massively creepy rape-culture-promoting song.

    So how should we react when people use and promote his music?