1. says

    Nooooo! I still have a few stragglers from last year’s crop still wobbling around my house with little canes and walkers.

    I’d seen one or two in the previous years, but last year, I had hundreds in the house. I’m not ready for them to invade again.

  2. Blueaussi says

    Yikes, squish those bastards! They’re the enemy! Don’t be fooled by those smilie faces, they attack my chilies and tomatoes, so they MUST DIE!!

  3. Wylann says

    When I lived in the Midwest, I was amazed, and moderately disgusted, by the sheer numbers of those things that would cover the south side of the house.

    …another reason to hate KS.

  4. says

    From Matrix/DNA Theory perspective, this information is very important and it opens a new branch for research. Why and how this insect jumps two shapes of life’s cycle process?!

    The quickly expansion and transformation at birth is a possible existent mechanism in Nature – if the current standard academic model is right: the Universe did it.

    But, instead developing the normal two shapes, this body developed antennas. Since that the life’s cycle process transforms the shapes of a body, then, fixing each different shape and keeping the sequential connections of that cycle creates a new system, we know that the process of life’s cycles is the internal circuit of systems that carries on the energy/information about the system.

    And knowing that antennas are related to “informations” ( captation of external informations), we can preview that instead expressing the normal genes for development, this DNA triggers signals that express genes for antennas. This is very interesting because we are trying to understanding why, when, and where we loose the insect’s external antennas, and they has collapsed to a small glandula inside the brain.

    This research also is beneficial since that this stink bug is a prague in agriculture, we need eliminate its existence, and the secret is hidden in its genetics. There is an article opened for this research at our website.

  5. Le Chifforobe says

    You won’t find them so cute when hundreds of stinkbugs try to bust through the ventilation fan into your bathroom at 3:00 in the morning. Believe me.

    I was hoping the Polar Vortex would wipe them out this year! Will nothing stop them?

  6. =8)-DX says

    @louismorelli.. #8 such an odd SPAM – it’s so Chopra-esque!

    Those stink-bugs look purrty =)

  7. says

    8)-DX You say: “… such an odd SPAM – it’s so Chopra-esque!”
    Are you kidding me?! Are you here as psychoanalyst or someone interested on natural phenomena? Yours comments represents this bad doctrine being taught at schools today: reductionism for collapsing human intelligence towards mechanicism. What about systemic view, which is the basics of my post above? It is not my fault writing English with grammatical errors that makes you didn’t understanding nothing of my post, it is the fault of knowledge about natural systems. I respect the search for knowledge about consciousness doing by Chopra but I don’t approve his kind of fanatic beliefs, I have nothing to do with Chopra.

    Stink-bugs look purrty? As pretty? These insects are a prague in agriculture, so, they have killed millions of human beings missing food, they are our enemies. Their bad smell is a chemistry for defense against predators, so, they are free for population grow, but they have super-specialized in a way of living, and stopped here, closing the doors to their evolution. They have nothing to do here, anymore. Nature has condemned them to extinction, it is a question of time. This planet will change, will not support life here, those species accommodated will disappear. Eliminating them from existence is helping Nature’s work, which normal process is transforming the initial state of chaos of this salvage biosphere into a state of order. Stink bugs are resistance of the chaos forces. Before doing that, they are useful due their singular expression of ancient natural mechanisms that reveals new knowledge about the broader horizon of Nature.

    Yours comment “look purrty” is a spam, it does not contributes anything to our knowledge. The issue about systems is such unknown by you that it seems “mysticism”, then, you quick made the imaginary link with these mystical people talking about cosmic consciousness. Nothing to see one with the other. You, as human body, is a system, and while you and yours school does not understanding it human kind will be victim of these milenar diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc. because these diseases are produced by the invisible identity that emerges from a body as a system. Go to my website learning something about system, or you will be lost in the darkness, forever…

    Why the stink-bugs jumps two shapes of the vital cycle ( as a human embryo jumping the shapes of baby and child, born as being 18 years old? If you know the natural formula for life’s cycles that build systems, the aspects of waves and particles taking by the flow of energy/information, you should see here, at this event exhibited by the stink-bug, how the waves are accelerated and surpass two particles phases. When the stink-bugs reveal that Nature has this mechanism, quickly your mind leave here the stink bugs and go to Cosmology, re-thinking our models and calculations about the formation of this Universe, because our cosmological models are suggesting that this mechanism was applied there. This is systemic thought, there are no limits inside the hierarchy of natural systems.