Coming up on FtBCon 2

I’ll be hosting a session on Spiritual Abuse at FtBCon 2 at 9am. I’m just convening the event: the real work will be done by Vyckie Garrison, Ania Bula, Jamila Bey, and Heina Dadabhoy, who will be talking about…

What is spiritual abuse? What distinguishes “spiritual” abuse from regular forms of physical, emotional, and mental abuse?

In spiritual abuse, a person’s faith and ideas about God, the supernatural, and the afterlife, get intermingled and entwined with relational and behavioral choices so that the situation is not only about the way a person thinks, acts, and relates – it is primarily about the condition of your soul.


  1. carlie says

    I’ve spent 10 minutes trying to find a link to the actual session, and I can’t. I’ve found many places that tell me about the session, but nothing that actually links to it.

  2. carlie says

    FFS, that’s what’s in the blocked tiny box on the page? A descriptor so we know to click on it would be nice. (yes, I’m grumpy. I like things to be labeled.)

  3. Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought says


    Oh gad, I thought I was the only one who couldn’t find it.

    listening now.

  4. carlie says

    Daniel – my problem was that nowhere on that page does it actually say “here’s the feed:” or anything like that. I have a script blocker on my browser, so it didn’t even register as a thing that I ought to activate (rather than possibly an internal ad for the session or an external ad).