1. jamessweet says

    On the FtB main page, my eyes keep skimming over this and thinking it says “Detroitovore”. Ew….

  2. says

    Sorry to interrupt but the ban on same sex marriage in Utah was just struck down, and one couple (at least) has live-tweeted their getting their marriage license… the DA tried to stop them, pulled one aside, but they showed the license and a photo of them as a married couple.


  3. ChasCPeterson says

    [there are 2 open threads for stuff like that, y’know]

    It still looks awesome.

    still is awesome!
    super-low metabolic rate? subsisting on manna from heaven?
    totally cool.

  4. RFW says

    I misread “infernalis” as “internalis” and thought “oh, cripey, I sure hope I never get an infestation of those things.”

    Fortunately, my innards wouldn’t feed a detroitovore: no abandoned houses or factories within me.