Last day of classes!

And you know what that means? The last assignments all come in today, and all the students want to know what their grades are right now. I’m stocking up on red pens and planning to retreat to an undisclosed location to mark up papers until my eyes bleed.


  1. says

    Last day of classes for me, too, but no assignments being handed in. Yay! Just a small matter of a comprehensive final exam that I will be grading all weekend. Time to go administer it. (I’m taking candy.)

  2. Bob Dowling says

    What makes you think you get to stop marking when your eyes start bleeding?

    Here’s some eye wash, now get back to the papers!

  3. says

    No candy here. I’m splurging in my cancer class: I’m so far behind in my grading, that I’ve ordered pizza to make amends.

    And then…non-stop red pen work. I think if I’m diligent I’ll have dug myself out of this hole by Monday.

    When lab reports and a final essay are due.

    Which I should get graded by Wednesday.

    When I give my last final.


  4. carlie says

    I tell them I won’t give them candy at my final exams; instead I’ll give them GUILT AND SHAME AND FEELINGS OF INADEQUACY.

  5. shouldbeworking says

    Exams, exams, exams. Then holiday present shopping on Monday when everyone else is still at work during the day. No candy, bad for their teeth. And my heart is 4 sizes too small.

  6. Antiochus Epiphanes says

    I feel for you.
    I graded 532 written assignments for my molecular bio class alone this semester. But I am now finished. I entered my grades this morning. Now I just need to clean up the teaching lab.

  7. says

    I’m sitting here proctoring my cell biology exam right now, and I see the students breeze through page one, page 2, no problem, page 3, more of the same, page 4…OMG WHAT IS THIS?

    Really it’s a simple problem in the regulatory logic of the Lac operon, with a couple of mutant strains, and once you get it it’s easy, but oh wow, they look shell-shocked already.