Almost there. A little more…more…oh, that’s so good, keep doing that…

Did you know that Skepticon is next week? Next week! My talk isn’t done! I have vowed to finish it this weekend, though: they’ve got me scheduled to talk on the first night, probably because they know that I have a tendency to fuss over these things and would be tweaking it every day before I go on.

Do you know what else is almost, but not quite done? Fundraising! They’re within a few thousand dollars of reaching their goal, so it’s the final push. It’s like my talk, we’re always skirting the edge of getting it done in time. But I’ve already promised to get that talk done this weekend, so it would be nice if they could get their fundraising done then, too.

If you need additional incentive, consider this: this is the conference the haters hate the most. I’ve already got some wackaloons I’ve never met and who have never attended a conference I’ve gone to and in particular have never had any plans to attend this one ranting and raving about a boycott of the con, and a walkout of my session (but then, these are the same kooks who propose to do that every time I give a talk somewhere, and the only people who’ve walked out so far seem to be invisible). This is the convention that has Rebecca Watson, Amanda Marcotte, Greta Christina, Debbie Goddard and all kinds of uppity women stirring up trouble.

Subvert the dominant paradigm! Support the skeptical conference that isn’t run by asshats!


  1. redmcwilliams says

    I’m going. This will be my first skeptical conference of any sort. I donated too, enough to cover my cost and the costs of 3 other people.

    I’m looking forward to your talk, but I’ll walk out in a big huff if you want me to.

  2. redwood says

    Sigh. . . I tried to donate but Paypal doesn’t accept donations from Japanese credit cards. I can buy stuff, but not donate. Very irritating, I’ve wanted to donate to various causes but can’t from here in Japan.

    I’d really like to be going because I grew up about 50 miles from Springfield and the thought of such a conference in such a conservative place is truly exciting. One of these years I’ll be able to make it, I hope.

  3. heather says

    This will be my third year going to Skepticon. I always say that it’s my favorite weekend of the year. Yes, I may have a sad and pathetic life, but it’s true.

  4. Rey Fox says

    I might like to go just to spite all the shitstain atheists and skeptics out there, but I ain’t got no job.

  5. slatham says

    I participated in my first SkeptiCamp last weekend and had a great time. It was free. And I didn’t notice any MRAs or anything of the sort. The speaker’s list was close to 50:50 and one of the talks was on how skepticism can help eradicate bigotry. It was given by a female undergraduate and was excellent and was very well received.

    Do these people who ‘argue’ against rational, progressive values within the atheist, scientific, skeptical communities exist anywhere other than the internet?