1. bortedwards says

    Bahahaha…ahh, wait, I wanna laugh. Am I allowed to laugh? Damn the misogynistic rats in life for undermining the little humour in life :(

  2. chalchiuhtotolin says

    @Gregory in Seattle #3 – Pretty much yeah. Which is why play pits should be to contrast being a woman at a tech conference, rather than to compare. :P

  3. OptimalCynic says

    Excuse me, bortedwards, my rats are not misogynistic. The girls would smack them into next week if they tried.

  4. leftwingfox says

    My perpetually filthy mind also thinks “orgy” would fit into that middle circle.

    It would be a very bad idea to combine all three.

  5. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    How do you wash the balls in a ball pit?

    The teenage me wants so badly to make a Beavis and Butthead reference right now.

  6. tenek says

    Well, since it’s vaguely on-topic… I recently attended a tech conference and after noting that most of the presenters were men, deliberately attended (with one exception for a session I thought would not be useful to me at all) all the sessions presented by women that I could. I ended up going to at least a couple that I probably wouldn’t have without this consideration and ended up seeing 4 presentations from men and 6 (could have been 7) from women. Including timeslot conflicts 33% of all sessions had at least one woman presenting. I noted on the conference feedback that this was an improvement from last year (25%), and that the diversity was otherwise a little lacking (100% white, and this city isn’t that homogeneous).

    Was this a bad idea?

  7. John Horstman says

    @2: Agreed – I do not understand the hate for play pits I occasionally encounter.