Good work, Minnesota talk radio

For once, I approve. Corey Cove, a talk radio host on KFAN in Minneapolis had that shameful and shameless psychic fraud, Chip Coffey on his show…and he shredded the kook. None of that Oprah/Larry King style simpering credulity, he just ridiculed his predictions and demanded that he back up his claims with evidence.

Coffey was upset and complained that the host was rude to him and called that unprofessional. You know, I’ve been on a few radio shows, and I never go into them on the assumption that the host will suck up to me; I expect that I will have to defend my ideas, and I actually prefer it if the host is open about any disagreement.

I guess psychics don’t get very far if they can’t demand deference.


  1. Lofty says

    Hah. Exposing frauds is rude, it interferes with their ability to fleece rubes. Good on Mr Cove.

  2. tuibguy says

    How are they supposed to sell books and tickets to shows if they get challenged by smartass skeptics on the radio?

    Cove doesn’t get the rules of the game, Man.

  3. Andy Groves says

    You would have thought that a true psychic would have seen that line of questioning coming……

  4. doublereed says

    I loved his evidence for being a psychic. He predicted that a woman trying to get pregnant would become pregnant. Can I be a psychic if I predict some guy about to walk across the street, that he will walk across the street? Then when he walks across the street I can be like “IT’S A MIRACLE”

    Seriously, what a terrible example. I am astonished at how dumb that was.

  5. Sili says

    How are they supposed to sell books and tickets to shows if they get challenged by smartass skeptics on the radio?

    Two words: Peter Popov.

  6. conway says

    One of the most harmful things the media has inflicted on America is the notion that there are two sides to every story, that all ideas must be respected, that both sides of an issue most be given equal weight, and that the words lie and liar must never be uttered on a news program. It’s how we’ve ended up with a country where 40 percent of the population believes in ludicrous things like the Fundamentalist Muslim/Gay Alliance, that vaccines are poison, that climatologists are in it for the big money, Death Panels, FEMA Concentration Camps, and that the President is a Kenyan/Socialist/Muslim/Atheist/Nazi/Communist/Gay/Weak/Tyrant.

    Hey, did you know that the Chinese were regularly sailing to the Americas 40,000 years ago? It’s true! I heard it on the radio last night.

  7. rnilsson says

    Yeah, “Psychic shop closed due to unforeseen circumstances”; “Sorry, can’t find my chrystal ball.”

    Not a listener, anyway.

  8. JohnnieCanuck says

    I predict that numbers 3, 4 and 11 will not be alone on this thread.

    Now all I have to do is figure out how to monetize this predictive ability of mine.

  9. goverd says

    @12 That’s amazing! How did you know?

    You should write a book about it. That would make you really rich.