1. says

    Business majors… Uhm…
    … Spend a lot of time in a dark room listening to Portishead, sobbing uncontrollably while masturbating furiously.

    Sigh… I’m so lonely.

  2. magistramarla says

    So how hot is the relationship of a combination biologist/chemist/computer scientist with a Classical languages linguist/historian?

  3. Kimpatsu says

    What does attraction have to do with sex?
    The comic is half-right; biologists are more fucked up than physicists…

  4. says

    There’s still an implicit assumption in there that (two-person) sex is objectively good.

    Shame on you for blatant discrimination against asexuals and autosexuals! ;)

  5. anchor says

    At least some physicists are concentrating on what’s behind chemistry and biology and all the other stuff.

    I’m with AJS, but physics might just eventually also help give biologists and chemists a little more insight on how biochemical complexity might be manifested elsewhere with mechanisms engineered through natural selection that are utterly foreign to our parochial thinking on a single planet. (Obligatory ;)

  6. marcusbailius says

    Mmm… I was told a long time ago, that physicists actually invented sex. Remember, every couple has its moment in a field…

  7. Dr Marcus Hill Ph.D. (arguing from his own authority) says

    Yeah, but it’s all from D:Ream groupies…