Any evolutionists in the San Jose area?

Some group of dingleberry followers of Ray Comfort are planning a DVD giveaway on the campus of San Jose State University, and the Atheist Community of San Jose is planning a demonstration. They’re looking for someone comfortable with answering difficult questions about evolution to join them and help out — reply at the meetup site link if you’re willing to help out.


  1. Hatchetfish says

    Why would they need to answer difficult questions? I thought it was Bananaman followers.

    Well, I suppose there’s the public.

  2. Francisco Bacopa says

    I would never be filmed by Ray Comfort. He’d probably edit my shit down to say “Eleven year old pussies taste the best.” Totally a hypothesis I’d never want to test, but he could make me say it.

  3. PatrickG says

    Note to PZ:

    Your link leads to the meetup page of the Atheist Community of San Jose. Might be better to link to the actual event (i.e.

    Not that it’s hard to find, just a minor suggestion. At the time of writing there are four other events above this one.

    On a random note, I lived in Kentucky for 2 years and this might be the first time I get to laugh at him in person. Politely, that is. :D

  4. says

    Urgh. It’s hard enough to move masses of students from one place to another on the SJSU campus without giving them compelling reasons to slow down to point and laugh.

    If Ray Comfort’s DVD giveaway makes me late to class, we may have words.

  5. janfebmar says

    Wai-wai-wai-wait. Why are you guys letting that guy put you on the defensive all the time? What you really need is to have someone stick a microphone in Ray Comfort’s face and ask HIM a few questions. Such as:

    1. Do you have any idea what the process might be for “separate and independent” creation? Has this ever been observed? What matrix or substance was everything created out of? Did God have to create new species whenever the old species died out?

    2. Do you believe dog breeds were derived from a wild ancestor such as the wolf? How do you know? Did you ever see a wolf give birth to a chihuahua or a poodle?

    3. And speaking of dogs, do you really believe that ridiculous story about the first male dog wandering around trying to find the first female dog? Really? I mean, come on, REALLY?

    4. If humans were the last thing God created, how did we know anything at all about the process of creation since nobody was there to witness it?

    5. Do you pay your employees full health benefits? If yes, is Obamacare the reason you need more of these attention-getting devices? If no, why not?

    6. When are you going to release the unedited intereviews?

  6. Markita Lynda—threadrupt says

    And, “If a well-documented process such as evolution is a theory, what do you call the notion of poofing organisms into existence by accident? I call that a myth.”

  7. Doubting Thomas says

    Dang, all my alma maters in the news this week, First N. B. Forrest HS in Jacksonville, FL changing its name and now San Jose State has Atheists. Coinkidink? I think so.

  8. joebiohorn says

    OK, I live about an hour from San Jose State, I am a retired professor of biology, and I am very comfortable answering “difficult” questions about evolution, but I can’t figure out how to volunteer via their “meetup” site

  9. BinJabreel says

    Holy shit, that’s my home! I’m literally five minutes away from campus.

    Though I’m not much of an evolutionist, mostly just an AP Biology teacher, I still think I want to turn out to, at the very least, point and laugh. I had the joy of heckling the crap out of them the last time they were at DeAnza College, so this should be fun. It’s not like he’ll have any arguments that he didn’t have last time.

  10. Alex says


    you’ll do fine! Just read up on bananas a bit the day before if you have time.

    But in seriousness, don’t expect having to answer complicated technical questions. The usual tactics are to make statements so inane that you are rendered speechless (think Ali G level inane). Then they interpret your stunned silence as a win for creationism :)

  11. Kilian Hekhuis says

    @joebiohorn #12: On the left there’s a “Contact” button, although it seems you need to sign up first.

  12. rogerfirth says

    difficult questions about evolution

    “Were you there?” hardly qualifies as difficult.

    Or am I mixing up my creationist nutbags named after foods?

  13. Thumper; Immorally Inferior Sergeant Major in the Grand Gynarchy Mangina Corps (GGMC) says

    I am struggling to imagine what “difficult” questions they may ask. “Were you there?”, “Why are there still monkeys?”, and “But look at this banana!” hardly count as difficult.

  14. Alex says

    “Were you there?”, “Why are there still monkeys?”, and “But look at this banana!” hardly count as difficult

    They barely count as questions, let alone difficult ones :D

  15. PatrickG says

    Woops, Thanks HargMarglin. Though that does make my comment about event confusion even more relevant. :)

  16. andrewpang says

    ME! I grew up here and go to SJSU. I’ve read PZ’s blog since 10th grade. What I’d like to do is actually have the atheists who debate Ray Uncomfortable and insure he’s WASTED the DVDs by taking as many as they can!