First day of classes!

Summer “vacation” (yeah, right) is over, and today I go back to the grind. I’m teaching cell biology and cancer biology this term, as well as an independent study course in science writing, and as my calendar shows, it’s going to be a very busy semester.

Or maybe they'll surprise me & it'll be an interview with Idris Elba

Or maybe they’ll surprise me & it’ll be an interview with Idris Elba

But as a last weird fling, remember that I’m going to do an interview on Lutheran Talk Radio at 10:30 Central. I have no idea what we’re going to be talking about, other than this book thingie I wrote — you think they might be sympathetic? — so maybe you can tune in to their streaming audio and listen as I get spanked by a crack team of Lutheran theologians. You want to hear that, right?


  1. pHred says

    Ha – third day of classes! The collaborative computer tables were not working on Monday – over half my students ended up in the wrong building for the first class and I kept having Library Studies students showing up in my classroom. Hopefully today will actually work more like a real first day.

  2. says

    They say that you can use the google search box on their page to find archived recordings.

    I listened to a bit of their stuff. Extraordinarily jesusy. I don’t think they’re bringing me on to praise the book.

  3. says

    “You want to hear that, right?”
    Yeah, especially the skeptics in your class, who are still wondering what supernatural force is pushing you to talk against it! :)

  4. petemoulton says

    You never know, PZ: you might convert some of them. I started out Lutheran and became an atheist, though it was long (really long!) before I ever discovered Pharyngula.

  5. Bicarbonate (formerly Elizabeth Hamilton) says

    I tuned in. It’s easy. They are currently talking about the Second Commandment and that God is right there with you watching you every single second of your life. Reminds me of a Dark Matter video on the same theme.

  6. Rieux says

    Er, I’m hearing a “Doctor Steinman” being interviewed on the Ten Commandments. Am I doing it rong somehow?

  7. Rob in Memphis says

    If you like ‘Luther,’ Series 3 will be aired on BBC America from September third through the sixth. Series 1 made me realize (not having seen The Wire or his other work) that Idris Elba should be in absolutely everything, all the time. I admit I liked Series 1 better (Alice!) but they’re both excellent–I hope Series 3 is worth the wait. *crosses fingers*


  8. says

    I just did it. It was OK — I think the guy was asking questions sincerely, and I tried to answer them sincerely. I’ll put a link up top when it appears in their archive.

  9. PDX_Greg says

    Yeah, I couldn’t bring up the livestream, so a wait for the archive it is for me, assuming they post it.

  10. prfesser says

    Think positively, PZ. There are only 15 weeks and four days of classes left now.

    Three days, if you don’t count today.

  11. Bicarbonate (formerly Elizabeth Hamilton) says

    Listening now to recording. There’s at least one lady praying for you, P.Z. !