1. Tethys says

    Its a wee little gastrotrich. They aren’t nearly as cute as their neighbors the tardigrades.

  2. Olav says


    That reminds me. If I should want to get into microscopy as a hobby, what would be an affordable (or: cheap) first microscope that is not going to disappoint with lousy image quality or imprecise mechanics? Perhaps something a student would use? What would be the minimum price that I have come to terms with? Any reasons not to buy second hand or even quite old? Are Russian microscopes from the 60s and 70s any good? (I have seen them advertised somewhere)

    I am suspicious of the plastic USB microscopes that are available on many web shops, though of course it would be nice to be able to take digital pictures.

    One thing I would be interested in is looking at yeast. I know they are really small, even compared to many other unicellulars. So I believe the magnification should be rather large.

    Of course I am googling as well, but perhaps the science minded folks here have some practical advice.