It’s a good cause. Send two young women around the country to play with bugs for our entertainment.

Follow us as we film the incredible insects and spiders of America! This coast-to-coast journey will take place with a vintage sofa that will be placed in different ecosystems across the country. At each stop we will inspire you to “get off the couch” to explore America’s backyard wilderness and the most diverse animals on the planet….

We specialize in fun, quirky educational videos. Nature programming has been leaning toward fear and myth lately, which we find alarmingly sad. The natural world is mind-blowing; we don’t really need to embellish it.

Oh, yeah, there are a few cable tv networks that once upon a time were all about educating us entertainingly and have since abandoned all pretense. Let’s hope the Bugchicks don’t follow suit and create a program about Nazi ghost bugs deposited in pawn shops and hoarder piles by UFOs.

No, they won’t! This is going to be cool!


  1. Olav says

    Oh, you mean National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and the like. Yes, huge disappointment.

  2. magistramarla says

    Yes, I’m so very, very pissed off at Animal Planet! Ten years ago, when my grandson was a pre-schooler and was very, very interested in animals, he and I would spend hours watching Animal Planet. My grandson learned about animal conservation and was inspired.
    He and I gained an understanding of the life cycles, habitats and training of many animals.
    My grandson just spent several weeks with me this summer, and when he turned on Animal Planet I was appalled at what has happened to it. The shows feature hillbillies catching “critters” in a most inhumane way, lots of shows that seem to support hunting and fishing rather than conservation, lots of shows showing questionable “heroes” saving people from snakes and crocs and a bunch of rednecks building over-the-top fish tanks. When I saw my grandson watching a show in which there was a demonstration of how to assemble a gun, I had him to turn off the television.

  3. blf says

    Nazi ghost bugs deposited in pawn shops and hoarder piles by UFOs.

    So that‘s the explanation for cockroaches!

  4. says

    This is pretty funny as an Australian.

    Most kids here are taught from a very early age NOT to be curious about what’s living in your backyard or under your house – and for once it’s the healthy kind of fear :)

    Australia – safest place in the world, provided you wear sensible shoes, make lots of noise and get your bloody hand out of there.

  5. FossilFishy(Anti-Vulcanist) says

    I met my Australian wife in Canada and my first glimpse of the Australian attitude to small dark spaces came when I was trying to get more heat to her bedroom. One heating duct was routed over a closet in the basement and I stuck my hand between the joists to see if there was a damper back there. Ms. Fishy went a bit pale and made some kind of squeaky noise. “What?” says I, a little puzzled. “I’d never stick my hand somewhere were I couldn’t see. I can’t watch.” Says she, and proceeds to leave.

  6. OpenMindedNotCredulous says

    Thank you PZ for bringing this to my attention. This is awesome. I’ve donated $250. As a 52+ year old privileged white male in the computer industry I am dismayed at how few women I see scheduled for interviews for engineering jobs at my company. Let alone for positions as scientists. I hope my tiny donation helps fix that situation.