FtBCON day 2

We start up again in an hour at 8am Central with Secular Woman talking to us about The Right Way to be Wrong. I’m not participating, just moderating, which is a relief, because my brain chokes at the phrase “to be wrong”.

Check out the schedule at FtBCON.org or the Google+ events list — we’ve got stuff going on non-stop all day long. I won’t be done until 10pm!


  1. chigau (違う) says

    This is much less work than a meat-space conference.
    (at least you can work from home and you don’t really need to get dressed)

  2. says

    Is it just me or am I doing something wrong? I’m on the google plus page for “The Right Way to be Wrong” but the video says “Please stand by. Starting soon…” I can’t figure out how to see a chat screen. I hate Google plus. Why do they have to make things so complicated?

  3. says

    Did it ever start for you? We set it up a bit before the session, and then it starts streaming automatically.

    The chat room is the Pharyngula chat room. look on the left sidebar here for a link.

  4. René says

    Ever so sad I cannot participate or even watch: I live in a dusty old house, so my laptop’s fan doesn’t allow more than ca. 4 minutes of video. But hey, PZ, I never noticed before, you seem to have a lazy eye — this may be a calque — I guess your right eye is dominant.

  5. hjhornbeck says

    Twitter spam has really gone downhill these days, hasn’t it? Even back at AAcon2013, I never saw anything as pathetic as:


    If this is the best the haters can come up with, the social justice side has won.

    (Also, a quick plug for @hashspamkiller; following them is your best way to follow #ftbcon on Twitter, as you won’t have to scroll past this crap.)