Next phase begins!

We think our fish facility is complete now. We have run it through the fishless cycling process. Now I have to drive 60 miles to get some cheap pet store danios to give it the live test, so I’m going to be offline for a bit.

Once those are thriving and we’re totally confident that everything is going to work, we’ll be ordering a bunch of defined strains and raising those up…and doing our preliminary baseline analyses on the embryos. It’s progress! Science marches on!


  1. killyosaur says

    This post makes me incredibly happy in an indescribable way. I love science…

  2. smhll says

    Hey, if you had a video camera in your car (or a way to mount your phone), you could multi-task by vid blogging and driving at the same time!

    (I do not recommend juggling the fish on top of the other two tasks. CF Dr Suess’ cautionary tale about the cat who egged on reckless behavior.)

  3. moarscienceplz says

    Now the real hard thinking begins: tiny deep sea diver, or bubbling mermaid castle?

  4. Jackie, Ms. Paper if ya nasty says

    Make sure to rub your hands together and say, “Excellent” a la Mr. Burns if the test goes well. A maniacal laugh while you flip the lights on and off again is also acceptable.

  5. says

    Kudos to you (& Josh). Glad to see the Morris fish facility coming along. Hopefully you’ll be directing some of your graduating Zfish experts to Eugene.

  6. Thumper; Atheist mate says

    Seconding #2. The Horde™ demands it! If you do not aquiesce, we will set the Orcs on you! The terrible, terrible Atheist Orcs©! The ones we used to keep in the dungeon, until the Great Poopyhead filled it with MRAs and then demolished it…

    … Can haz pikchores plz?

  7. Thumper; Atheist mate says


    Diver. Obviously. And a sunken pirate ship. Which the diver is investigating.

  8. Draken says

    Now all you have to do is wait for some carbohydrates to clutter together and start to multiply.

  9. Francisco Bacopa says

    Do you need enough that you could just have them air freighted to you from a wholesaler?

    Seems Morris is not large enough to support an aquarium store. If it could support one, you could get danios, because any general interest store would have them. Perhaps I should start a business in Morris.

  10. gillt says

    Disease-ridden pet store fish? I’m curious, are going to quarantine them before putting on the system and are you implementing UV sterilizers?

  11. anuran says

    Is buying the “cheap pet store danios” like mounting a scratch monkey?

  12. yubal says

    You macro biologists are a truly weird folk. Burning carbons to “purchase” animals….for science? Well, I hope you get at least to a point were you can figure something out. The case for the zebras seems to be lost either way.

    The most complex organism I worked with in decades was Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Else I routinely kill Escherichia coli for a living. Wouldn’t touch anything bigger for professional use but in private I have the occasional tuna sandwich or sometimes a properly cooked steak from a formerly free roaming cow.

    Now excuse me, I got to write a letter to Nature.