Off to Dublin

I’m heading off to Fargo this morning, and then will go hurtling through the skies to the Empowering Women Through Secularism International Conference, and won’t land until 8am Dublin time. Behave yourselves!

Jeez, I’m tired already. Perhaps a pint of Guinness will revive me once I get there.


  1. René says

    Please do realize that a pint of Guinness takes quite a while to settle. The Guinness you may think is yours might actually be meant for the guy who ordered before you.

  2. Maureen Brian says

    Just to make you really mad, PZ, my flight is exactly 50 minutes – takes me longer than that to get to the airport!

    See you at the bar.

  3. epicure says

    My experience of the Stout is that you take the first gulp – there is an appreciative silence, and then you talk like a maniac – real free-flowing verbosity – it’s great!

  4. Louis says

    Behave ourselves generally or just here on your blog? Because I am barely capable of the latter, and I’ve yet to manage the former.


  5. says

    @epicure #6 – My first experience with dark beer was in Scotland. I was warned that it would be a new experience compared to the “sex in a canoe”* that is American beer and that the first sip should be chewed slowly. They were right.

    * “Sex in a canoe” = f-ing close to water.

  6. says

    It’s like it’s a race and I’m already behind!

    I just arrived at the Fargo Airport (free wifi!) — it’s very nice, small, easy to navigate. I should fly out of here more often.

    It’s also a half hour closer to Morris than MSP.

  7. latsot says

    I’ll be in Dublin by Friday lunchtime. It enrages me that it took me longer to get to work today than it will to get to Ireland in the morning.

  8. Sili says

    I should get around to packing my bag. I’m going directly from the end of term lunch to the airport tomorrow.