But what about capitalism, Rush?

Rush Limbaugh’s network has lost millions of dollars this past quarter, and he may be on the way out. Apparently, the problem is that advertisers have fled his show in droves, especially after his rages against Sandra Fluke. But you knew he’d have an excuse: it’s all the women’s fault.

Despite sources close to Limbaugh that accuse Dickey of scapegoating the radio host for a bad quarter, Limbaugh himself has addressed his advertiser woes in the past. But Limbaugh doesn’t see his offensive bloviating as the problem driving mainstream advertisers away; instead, he accuses media buyers who are ”young women fresh out of college” and “liberal feminists who hate conservatism” of “trying to harm” him.

I had no idea that women now controlled all the media; did you women reading this know you had such immense power?

Now I have a few requests. Right after you’re done flushing Limbaugh’s career down the toilet, could you shut down Fox News and Glenn Beck (well, you’ve been doing a good job on him so far), and perhaps redirect some small fraction of those advertising dollars to Freethoughtblogs.com? Thanks, much appreciated.


  1. Antiochus Epiphanes says

    I had no idea that women now controlled all the media

    Wake up, Grandpa! It isn’t just young women, but young women fresh out of college landing starting gigs as CEOs of major media corporations. Like almost across the board. Communications departments are being flooded with young women undergraduates who aspire to be moguls by the age of 23.

  2. glodson says

    We all know that it is never the fault of the conversative. It is always some force out there to oppress him. In this case, it is the free marketfeminazis.

  3. says

    Who knew that the free market worked this well?

    Bankrupt ideas = bankruptcy? .

    Well, shut my mouth. … No wait, shut Rush’s mouth.

  4. Stacy says

    The Free Market™ never fails to separate the wheat from the chaff. Except when you let women be consumers of anything other than shoes, sammich ingredients, and baby food. Then the Market is no longer Free, and tragedies like this ensue.

  5. Kevin Anthoney says

    So he’ll soon be back on the dole, taking handouts from the government?

  6. unclefrogy says

    if there is any truth in their claim of being oppressed by “liberal feminists who hate conservatism”
    it is the observation by the advertisers that this guy is insulting a large segment of their potential market and therefore potentially causing them to lose some potential sales. While the management of the companies may share some political beliefs with the fat guy they are not in it for the politics they are in it for the money. If they judge they will lose sales they will drop anyone like a hot rock.
    Share price and market share is more important then politics.
    could not happen to a nicer guy.
    uncle frogy

  7. coragyps says

    **So he’ll soon be back on the dole, taking handouts from the government?**

    The fucker better not, or my rhetoric will start sounding like his……..

  8. says

    Well, that’s it, again and again, no?
    They think they are entitled to attention and money.
    It’s like when slimers howl about the injustice of the famously rich and allmighty Rebecca Watson no longer giving poor Richard Dawkins any of her money.
    They don’t only think that you have to give them your time and your platform (FREEEEEEEZE PEAAAAACH) but also your money because it would be clearly immoral to decide that you want to spend it on anything else, like shoes…

  9. kemist, Dark Lord of the Sith says

    I love some of the comments:

    He let himself down with his own bootstraps.

    A self-unmade man.

  10. Ben P says

    A friend of mine clued me into this a couple weeks ago. He is a restaurant owner (and extremely liberal) and he’d been cold called about purchasing radio advertising during Rush’s show on a local affilate at rates that were 50% lower than typical rates in the area.

    His only conclusion that the local radio stations were utterly failing to fill the time.

  11. scienceavenger says

    Do we really need to spell out why Rush has such issues with young college educated women? Just recall this headline: “College dropout caught in Costa Rica with lots of viagra”. The rest follows.

    Rest in pain Rush.

  12. says

    I’m afraid the all mighty council of feminazis is busy right now trying to figure out how to make lying your ass of on TV too expensive to bother with. The good news is that the new policies should take care of your problem.

    We’re planning on making FTB mandatory reading, so you should be getting those advertising dollars.

    *adjusts boots and dons cap* Und now, we must crush zee men. All zee men.

  13. scottrobson says

    I think Rush is suffering under a very strong persecution complex. This is more typical of fundamentalist religion types, but if the shoe fits…

    I wonder if it occurred to Rush that the reason he is losing advertisers is not because of a cabal of liberal women but because of other successful conservative commentators which seem to be doing very well (Glenn Beck) and therefore snapping up advertising dollars. My cynical side thinks this is more likely.

    Alas, I think we are a long way away from the downfall of conservative crackpots on the airwaves. Beck is in, Rush is out, but nothing has really changed.

  14. carlie says

    So choosing not to listen to or support him is now “trying to harm” him, is it? Amazing how exercising the right to avoid someone is a direct attack on them.

    Wait a minute, I think I’ve heard that reasoning somewhere else just recently…

  15. Ulysses says

    As long as Limbaugh was attacking liberals and the government, he wasn’t annoying his constituency. But when he called a white, middle-class woman a slut then people got annoyed. Other than Catholic bishops, nobody really cares if women use contraception or not and few are concerned if Obamacare pays for it. So when Limbaugh started raging at Sandra Fluke, a lot of people thought he went too far. Then he doubled down, refusing to admit he’d made a mistake in attacking Fluke. Now Limbaugh is blaming everyone but himself for his own mistakes. He’s becoming inconsequential and nobody feels pity for him.

    Glen Beck is more extreme than Limbaugh but Beck doesn’t attack “the girl next door.” As a result, Beck keeps his audience and his advertisers.

  16. Amphiox says

    These media buyers who are young college age women? You see, Rush, they are what we in the capitalism movement call “customers”.

    The customer, Rush, is always right.

  17. mikeyb says

    Spewing out nonstop free-form ad-libbed ignorance and bigotry maybe eventually catches up to you, no matter how many times you’ve got away with it in the past, and no matter that the dittoheads are incapable of recognizing it. One can only hope – perhaps soon – El Rushbo will be rendered permanently irrelevant and discarded by right wing world kinda like Sarah Palin.

  18. Ogvorbis, broken failure. says

    Rush’s Excellence in Broadcasting Network is losing money? Excellent.

  19. says

    Sadly, TTBOMK Rush is still a multi-milionaire, same as Beck. If their “shows” went off the air tomorrow they would not want for anything for the rest of their miserable lives.

    Mean bigoted idiots pandering to mean bigoted idiots pays way too much.

  20. coragyps says

    Daughter the Younger just reported that she just listened to a live talk by Ms Fluke, and that Rushbo didn’t show. But it was at a Planned Parenthood event in Texas, so plenty of picketers did.

  21. says

    Hey, everybody, here’s a way to “vote” with your wallets: if you can afford it, buy a copy of each of Al Franken’s books Lies and the lying liars who tell them and my favorite title for a book on media and politics: Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat idiot.

  22. cicely says

    See, now, this is what comes of allowing young women to go to college in the first place.

  23. stanton says

    Well, it is true that it’s all the women’s fault.

    If Sandra Fluke didn’t deliberately tempt and taunt Rush Limbaugh into giving in to his misogynistic impulses, he and Clear Channel wouldn’t be in such dire financial straits.

  24. ekwhite says

    Apparently you can lose money by underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

  25. osmosis says

    Wait, you mean it’s not the Jews that control the media? Am I falling behind on this conspiracy stuff?

  26. robro says

    stanton — “If Sandra Fluke didn’t deliberately tempt…” Nuff said. Break out the burkas. We must protect men from these evil temptresses.

    osmosis — Perhaps StinkyCheese meant Jewish women. You know, they go to college, have careers, and get important jobs in media. Caucasian women get married, have babies, and live in the burbs, as a good woman should. Black and Brown women don’t get married, have babies, and live in public housing getting rich off welfare.

  27. Louis says

    I’m surprised by the surprise. Haven’t you all been getting those sweet, sweet Feminazi TV cheques? Hell I bought an island with one.


    P.S. It’s not Jews that control things any more, it’s Space Lizards. Ask David Icke. Which is totally ode for Jews. Ask the ADL. But it’s not actually code for Jews, we really mean Space Lizards. Ask David Icke again. This has to be my favourite of Jon Ronson’s tales of weirdness.

  28. thumper1990 says

    If you look at the “Featured Slideshow”, pic 1 of 11 appears to be PZ walking a dog in sunny Minnesota…

  29. kevinalexander says

    Well, if they remake Titanic, Rush could play the captain.

    Lookout in the crows nest : “Reality dead ahead!”

  30. aufwuch says

    As if we need another story of Rusk being an a-hole…I’m a retired FL-DEP Marine Scientist/Administrator and a few years ago down in Palm Beach County the discussion of sea turtle nesting along the Atlantic Palm Beach coast came up. A local county employee told me Rush would purposefully leave his outside lights “on full” during nesting season as a protest to environmental regs. Rush’s home on Palm Beach is on the Atlantic side. No info if he ever paid any fines. He’s a total waste of atmosphere…I know saying that is unprofessional, but screw it… I’m old, I’m cranky, and retired.

  31. Doug Little says

    So he’ll soon be back on the dole, taking handouts from the government?

    Not if he still harbors an addiction to painkillers since the conservatives are so hell bent on testing people on welfare these days.

  32. anteprepro says

    Rush Limbaugh’s network has lost millions of dollars this past quarter, and he may be on the way out

    We can only hope. It is long overdue and no-one deserves it more than him. Though I fear that the only result of him losing his show would be different, lesser shock jocks filling the void while Rush goes off to get a Fox News job and thus gain prominence with a whole new subset of slobbering right-wing rabble.

  33. stanton says

    So he’ll soon be back on the dole, taking handouts from the government?

    Not if he still harbors an addiction to painkillers since the conservatives are so hell bent on testing people on welfare these days.

    This would be true if hypocrisy was not an unimpeachable holy law among conservatives.

  34. Doug Little says

    This would be true if hypocrisy was not an unimpeachable holy law among conservatives.

    Oh absolutely, the levels of hypocrisy when it comes to drug testing welfare recipients are monumental.

  35. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    Eh, they’ll just replace this raving shitface with a kinder, gentler raving shitface. Maybe even with a posh accent. “I say, old chums, what is the matter these days with the trollops and the charlatans?”

  36. roro80 says

    Oh, Rush honey, if we liberal feminists who hate conservatism really had all that much power, you would never have made a penny from spewing your brand of bullshit. If it were me who got you off the air, it would not exactly be an accomplishment I would hide; I can imagine me on a billboard saying “I DID IT!!” So trying to shame us young women fresh (ahem) out of college isn’t going to work. Sowwies.