It’s going to be one of those days

I’m operating on very little sleep, and I’ve noticed this past week that even when I do go to bed my brain is a jumble of chaos — too much work piled up on top of everything, so I can’t even relax when I lie down and turn out the lights. I did get caught up on a lot of grading, but still…I think I need to put this sign on my door for a while.



  1. aleph says

    What, not even with the Lance of Longinus? How are we meant to spark Second Impact, then?

  2. tynk says

    Well, a bit of good news for you then PZ, it’s supposed to snow here in the twin cities tonight and tomorrow tomorrow. Morris however… looks clear.

  3. MichaelE says

    I heard that too, you really shouldn’t poke the old ones. But how about nuking them from orbit to be sure?

  4. Tsu Dho Nimh says

    Try Valerian capsules about an hour before bedtime … mild anxiolitic and muscle relaxant.

    and not habit-forming or likely to make you forgetthings

  5. says

    Did you know that someone wrote a libretto for H. P. Lovecraft’s works set to the music of Fiddler on the Roof? Alas, the copyright holders of the music weren’t amused and “Shoggoth on the Roof” has only been performed before an audience ONCE.

    However, some high quality recordings have been made such as Tentacles! (Tradition!) under the allowance of parody. Enjoy.

  6. pHred says

    I have had a “Warning Mad Scientist at Work” sign up on my door for days now. At this rate I am not sure I am ever taking it down.

  7. Ulysses says

    I have one of those “please take a number/now serving number____” things on my door. The next available number is 583 and now serving number 12.

  8. shouldbeworking says

    I’m borrowing that sign. How do you deal with students that come in for help 5 minutes before an exam? I’m running out of witty responses to the question “How do you do question …?” That gets asked about the homework I went over yesterday.

  9. RFW says

    To march off at a right angle to everyone else: when and where did the meme magic hole with tentacles emerging originate? There’s an example in, iirc, Jack Vance’s “Bagful of Dreams”, one of the short works in his “Dying Earth” fiction and first published in 1977.

    Vance’s fantasies include several other holes giving admittance to magical realms of one sort or another.

  10. pHred says

    Ummm … how can you tell it is a deep one without poking it ?

    Having a Ringo Starr “I’m a born lever puller” moment here. :)

  11. says

    What do you mean, where did the hole with tentacles come from? I’ve got one in my basement, where the sump pump is located.

    You mean you don’t get squamous, slimy horrors crawling out of yours in the dead of night?

  12. blf says

    You mean you don’t get squamous, slimy horrors crawling out of [your basement] in the dead of night?

    Around here, they just leap out of the sea, grab a few long pigs sundrying themselves on the beach, and then sink back into the inky depths munching on the snacks…