End-of-term madness descends

The next few days are going to be horrible. Today, I’ve got Cafe Scientifique (6pm, Common Cup Coffeehouse in Morris), in which I’m giving a talk on junk DNA. In addition, though, I’m also scrambling to get a lot of grading done — I’ve got to be all caught up before we roll into finals week. Just to add to the stress, I’m also going off to give talks at the Orange County Freethought Alliance annual meeting on Saturday, and at the University of California Riverside on Sunday. Why do I do this to myself? I don’t know. Probably because I’ll enjoy myself at these events, meet lots of interesting people, and learn new stuff.

But, aaargh, papers, exams, responsibilities and obligations!


  1. carlie says

    I don’t envy you the talks added to the mix, but I hope they will be enjoyable. I wrote down everything going on my way by way of empathizing, then looked at the list and cried a bit and erased it because I don’t want to see it all there. Ah, end of semester fun!

  2. Katie O says

    So exciting that you’re coming out to our neck of the woods! What is the subject of the UCR talk, if you don’t mind me asking?