Friday Cephalopod: No, you’re not safe anywhere

It’s a big image, so it’s going below the fold.




  1. rq says

    I see more than a mere glint of Evil Purpose in that eye. That is one determined world dominator on the move.

  2. octopod says

    I just involuntarily said “Yay!” under my breath.

    I wonder how long it can stay out?

  3. Gregory Greenwood says

    So, the invasion has started – Cthulhu’s footsoldiers have already begun the overthrow of the feeble governments of the weak apes of the surface world!

    I for one welcome our new betentacled overlords…

  4. Trebuchet says

    Rather than clicking the “via” link, go to the original, longer, and better YouTube version here:

    The “via” link came complete with an ad for a “sugar daddy” website. I’m expecting one of those in a popup on FTB any day now, the way things are going.

  5. evodevo says

    A marine biologist friend of mine once told me about an incident at a tidal pool in Mexico where he somehow pissed off a small octopus, and it came out of the water after him, up the beach, reaallllly angry. And, I guess keeping them in tanks in the lab is difficult, too.

  6. Olav says

    I knew octopuses could do this, still cool to see. Also, thank you for the Youtube link, Trebuchet.

    I am curious though: how long can it actually survive outside the water? Even if it manages to stay moist enough, I suppose it can’t readily breathe air. So isn’t the octopus taking a huge risk crawling from pool to pool? If it gets stuck somewhere in between, can it just wait for the tide to be set free or will it expire before that?

  7. Artor says

    From what I’ve read, they can operate out of water for at least half an hour, more if they can stay wet. I’m not sure how they breathe air though. PZ? Care to enlighten us, O Tentacular Overlord?

  8. John Horstman says

    @14: Yes, they are squishy, have strong grips and prehensile limbs, and are excellent at solving spatial and mechanical puzzles. Google “octopus escape” for lots of videos. Still not as cute as Nautilidae, though. :-)