Botanical Wednesday: One, two, three…ha ha ha…four, five, six, SEVEN. Seven purple tentacles, ha ha ha!

Sorry, I was looking at this Akebia flower, and for some reason I felt a compulsion to count the number of carpels, and I did it out loud in the voice of Sesame Street’s Count. It’s been a long day of proofreading and I’m home all alone, and I think I’m getting punchy. I should probably just go to bed.


(via Scienceray)


  1. John Morales says

    michaelhofer, no, not tentacles.

    Rather, a blatant close-up of stamens and carpels — with the stigma clearly visible.

    (PZ is getting horny!)

  2. emilybites says

    Glad to see other grown-ups count like this. The reason I didn’t go into STEM is that I hear those areas involve a lot of numbers and I do get some funny looks.*

    *This is not true.