Sale on Pharyngula merch!

Rebecca has cut prices on several of the items in the Pharyngula store, and is talking about cycling in some new stuff in the near future. I think that might mean that some of the current stock might become…collector’s items. You must have them. You must have them NOOOOOOOOWWWWW.


  1. Louis says

    HAHA! OH I see your game Mierz. You are trying to make a profit from your ATHEIST CHURCH!!!! Well I for one will not be fooled. I have an adblocker and no desire for a squidly overlord t-shirt.

    Not much desire.

    Well maybe a little. Those badges are kinda cool.

    No! I will be strong and resist your capitalist running dog ways.

    Fuck. A “Your concern is noted” badge. Okay. Erm. No. MUST RESIST.


  2. says

    Rebecca has also said she’ll be bringing them to Dublin, so one possibility is to go to the Dublin event and buy them there. See? Tempting.

  3. rorschach says

    I do want to go to Dublin…

    Oh, don’t say that! I’m looking for reasons not to go(not that I needed anymore)…

    A “Your concern is noted” badge.

    That IS tempting.

  4. Louis says


    If I go to Dublin, the Ruination of many livers will follow in my wake. For I am Alcohol, the Bringer of Intoxication and the Layer of Waste to Sobriety.

    When is it again?


  5. B-Lar says

    I have been meaning to get one of those chibi tees for some time, but figured that I didnt really need one.

    Now they will be collectors items and have come down in price. I have been outsmarted by your cunning marketeering.