My morning so far

  • Cough myself awake. (Fifth cold in the last six months.)
  • Dodge call from collection agent.
  • Make coffee. Note I’m out of coffee, reassess budget for earlier trip to grocery store.
  • Read the below-quoted about myself in comments in this article about divisions in the environmental movement:

    What we don’t know, is how much oil and gas/ Koch money Steingraber and Clarke are getting.

  • Dodge call from different collection agent.

How’s your day going?


  1. says

    Waiting for someone to come and give me money so I can pay the rent and not get evicted, filling out a stupid questionnaire for the unemployment office so they’ll give me last week’s UI payment, the lack of which being the reason I’m short on rent, in a few weeks, maybe. Also throwing up from a combination of stress and a bleeding ulcer. Misery loves company?

  2. says

    Oh Chris, that sounds a bad day all the way around. My sympathies. I finally got some sleep last night after 30something hours awake, so I’m just sucking tea down like there’s no tomorrow and trying to get my brain in gear. I think I finally know what I’m going to do vis an art piece inspired by Carlie’s non-stop glee on the ‘vagina, vagina, vagina’ thread, so that’s good.

  3. says

    Similar, only I’ve got an infected tooth instead of a cold.

    I realized that if you pick up and then hang up right away on the collection agents, they can’t fill up your voice mail.

  4. Jackie, Ms. Paper if ya nasty says

    Sorry, Chris.

    I hope it gets better.

    I’m also not having the best day.

  5. says

    Sitting on the ferry on the way into work at Auckland, New Zealand. Going past Rangitoto volcano. That’s always good. Have a lovely day, wherever you are.

  6. Rob Grigjanis says

    That Prospect comment was a thing of beauty. Hitler and Stalin. And apparently the Kochs have you on a hit list.

  7. moarscienceplz says

    Sorry Chris, that stinks.
    BTW, do you think your good buddies Charles and David could let me have about a pallet of Georgia-Pacific plywood? (kidding! kidding!)

  8. says

    You mean, even with the millions you’re getting from the Koch brothers, you still have unpaid bills? You need to sell one of your Hummers.

  9. says

    Looking for a summer job, trying to sort through poorly laid out college website to try to get prior credits recognized, fighting my cat to get her to swallow her thyroid medication, trying to get my browser to display google webpage again, saying goodbye my brother and his girl friend, laundry, dishes, other chores. Another day in the life.

  10. kevinv says

    Everybody knows the Koch brothers promise payment in the afterlife. So you’ve got that going for you.

  11. says

    My morning’s been great, thanks for asking. It included this article on vision-enhancing glasses.

    Interesting link, phhhht, and offered with an almost complete lack of passive-aggression. Well done.

  12. says

    Hang on there, I notice that you dodged the question.

    Exactly how much Koch money are you rolling in right now?

    There may be something in the couch cushions. Let me look.

  13. Ulysses says

    If the Koch bros were sending money then Chris wouldn’t be dodging collection agents.

  14. says

    My day so far? Are you sure you want to know?
    First off, I’m running on about 1 hour of sleep last night and only 1 cup of coffee. That one hour of sleep was on my couch.
    Secondly: DarkBaby is still teething like woah.
    Thirdly: it snowed last night. Last I checked, it’s April.
    Fourthly: When I tried to take a nap, I found out that there’s construction happening on my street. In the beginning of April. After it had snowed.

    That’s all for petty annoyances. Now for the whammy:
    My aunt died under “suspicious circumstances” on Sunday afternoon. My mom (understandably) had a break down when my uncle called her, so to spare her additional pain, I spent my morning calling family to let them know what has happened and what to expect.

    I feel kind of numb.

  15. Denverly says

    Worried about abdominal pain. Pap yesterday, ultrasound scheduled for Friday. Mom died of colon cancer when she was 38 so pretty worried, myself.

    But at least I have coffee.

  16. says

    Denverly, tentacles crossed for good results. I hope the day improves for all, I have no wish to be the crunchy center of yet another controversy, so I’m disconnecting for the day to draw vulvas. Catch you all tomorrow.

  17. opposablethumbs says

    Fuck, Audley, I’m so sorry. Hope your Mum and your uncle are OK :-(((
    Denverly, I hope your worries prove unfounded.

  18. yazikus says

    I’d be happy to mail you a couple pounds of delicious single origin coffee. I have a connection.

  19. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Today? Had to take the Redhead to see her doctor. Took vacation day off work, let her sleep in a little, then got her up, fed (food and pills), washed dressed, commoded, and out the door. Get to Dr.’s office, somebody parking in the handicap space (had a placard, so didn’t let the air of the truck’s tires). Long wait to see the Dr. Her BP was up. Meds adjusted. Got her home, out of the heavy clothes, and commoded before anything major happened. Made her some tuna salad (I might be able to get a sammich if I hurry), and put it on Ritz crackers with half an olive for her. Increased her afternoon meds. Now, how to cook the pork steak for dinner…

  20. Holms says

    What we don’t know, is how much oil and gas/ Koch money Steingraber and Clarke are getting.

    There is far too much eagerness to throw this silly accusation about with zero cause. I die a little inside whenever I see it sans documentation. It screams ‘I disagree with you but have no particular way to refute your position, so instead I will throw some mud’.

    If the Koch bros were sending money then Chris wouldn’t be dodging collection agents.

    No shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

  21. says

    Audley: So very sorry to hear about your aunt (and the snow). I hope your mom is okay.

    As for me, I’m preparing for a move, though I actually got very little done today in that regard. Mostly laundering items that don’t fit/I no longer wear so they can be donated. (Because stuff I get rid of is stuff I don’t need to pack, and I’m trying to be as conservative as possible with regards to what I take with me to my new place.)

    No collections calls today, wohoo! Then again, I don’t get too many anymore. The most aggressive of these were because of my student loan debt; I’ve got a nice case of phone anxiety from all the times they harassed me for money. Thanks, assholes. Then I ended up moving to a new apartment… and getting a new phone number… and whoopsie, I forgot to tell them my new information! Turns out this was a very good thing, since somebody walked out with the personal data for over half a million student loan recipients.

    Bill collectors all get entered into my phone under a special “Do not answer” entry, anyway. My phone doesn’t even ring when they call, and since the calls are usually automated, they don’t often leave voicemail (or if they do, most of the message is cut off in the beginning). If they change the number on me, I just add the new number to the entry.

  22. says

    opposablethumbs and Fionnabhair:
    Thank you. I’ve talked to my mom twice today and she’s doing as well as can be expected. I’m no longer worried about her, just sad.

    As for my uncle… I don’t know. I haven’t talked to him– no one in the family has except for Mom. And she only spoke to him once when he called her to tell her what had happened. So yeah.

  23. Rich Woods says

    I’m due back at work tomorrow after a very welcome week off. The alarm is set for 6am and it’s 1am now, so I’m eating ice cream (very late sleep-cycle-screwed supper) and trying to persuade myself to go to bed. But having read Audley’s, Nerd’s and Denverly’s comments, all of a sudden the ice cream isn’t doing its usual serotonin thing.

    Best wishes to all.

  24. cicely (mumblemumble-SomethingHalf-Witty-mumblemumble) says

    The bills from The Husband’s recent Completely Uncalled-For Medical Drama have begun to arrive, and every day is just another ray of sunshine!
    Nonetheless, Chris: *boozes* and my very best sympathies. We participated in the Dodging of the Creditors a few years back, so I think I can empathise. More recently we had trouble trying to disengage the greasy tentacles of the myriad collection agencies trying to track down…our ex-daughter-in-law’s father. How (and why) they got our phone number, we have no clue; but they were determined that he lived here; or alternately, that we were him, and trying to throw them off the scent. Annoying.

    Oh, Audley…I’m so sorry!

    Denverly, I will also cross all my tentacles on your behalf.

    *hugs* for Alethea, and Nerd…heck, a round of *hugs* for the House!

  25. chigau (not my real name) says

    long time, no read!
    What’s that you say?
    Right on!

  26. opposablethumbs says

    Great bunny video, Chris. I’ve got to start watching more of these. And with our resident and visiting trolls unable to control their malevolent logorrhoea there will probably be no shortage of opportunities :-D

  27. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Finally, a reasonable post by txpiper, bunnies! That’s reality for a change, unlike your imaginary creator which you have no evidence for.

  28. ohioobserver says

    My day yesterday (4/2) was sucked up in Dr.’s offices. My knees are malfunctioning.
    Audley — so sorry. Please accept my condolences.

    Chris – just a warning from experience — keep an eye on that “cold”. I had the same cycle of colds and bronchitis for months, ad it turned out to be afebrile pneumonia. landed in the big H for several days while they pumped me full of weapons-grade antibiotics.

    Just take care and don’t assume anything.