John Wilkins sells out

He’s willing to restart Evolving Thoughts if someone can monetize it for him. Come on, people, he’s a philosopher — you know he’s going to come cheap.


  1. okstop says

    We’re all very poor, which is why we can’t rely on community support. Comes from the fact that the market rate for someone’s thoughts on a subject is only $0.02, a price point that has remained stable as the cost of living has gone up sharply. Fortunately, there’s a subsidy program to help support a limited number of hard-working philosophers. It’s called “tenure.”

  2. says

    Tenure is fine, but over the last 2 years I have seen about 20 jobs with tenure for which there are around 500 applications each time.

  3. okstop says

    This why it’s important to go to disciplinary conferences… to learn your enemies’ colleagues’ weaknesses!

  4. Louis says

    Briiiiiiiiing Jooooooohn to FtBorg. Asssiiiiimmmmiiiillllaaaaaattttttteeeee hiiiiiiiiim.

    What? I heard no suggestive voice making suggestive suggestions of a suggestive nature.

    This has been an announcement from the “Give Wilkins Cash” arm of the EAC. Even though Wilkins is some species of agnostic (DERISIVE LARF)…wait…so am I…and an atheist too….oh it’s ALL SO CONFUSING! We need a philosopher to explain it to us. A conveniently linked philosopher on the same blog network.

    Dammit, do not expect coherence, I’ve had a few beers. It’s Easter. Which means no work tomorrow. Therefore it’s not a school night and thus allowed. I’m trying to justify this too hard aren’t I? Either way, employ the Wilkinses now, my precious.


  5. Ichthyic says

    Biology is the same way. Apparently, you have to apply for 500 jobs.

    last bio job I applied for in CA:

    Science coordinator at the Marine Science Center on Catalina Island.

    -I had actually DONE my first published research project there 13 years previous, and had spent almost 6 months total working at the center involved with SCUBA and lab operations while I was there. Knew the place and the surroundings like the back of my hand.

    -fully qualified advanced degree from Berkeley no less.

    -they needed someone with computer qualifications… I had been an IT manager for 6 years prior to applying for this.

    -I had references from people who had done research there even longer than I had.


    I didn’t even get a call back.

    I had to call them, a month later, to find out that no less than 280 post docs had applied for the same position, so they favored those from the university that sponsors the station (USC).

    Here I was, figuring it would be an ideal fit, easy pz, even though it only paid… 36k per year.

    yeah, that’s right, 2003 and the job (full time responsible for coordinating all research going through the station), paid 36k and 280 post docs applied for it.


  6. ChasCPeterson says

    The truth is that a Masters degree is a Masters degree, even from Berkeley no less.
    Academic hirinig decisions typically hinge on much, much more nebulous–and often less fair–criteria.

  7. Ichthyic says

    chas… the point was there were 280 postdocs applying for a 36k/yr job.

    in comparison, an assistant manager of a McDonalds in CA makes over 40k/yr.

    probably less competition for the spots, too.