Botanical Wednesday: What is that thing on the banana plant?

What with all the bad weather around here, my wife is staying at an apartment near her workplace. And every time she does that, she starts sending me these kinds of photos. Should I be concerned?


(via petitchef)


  1. darwinharmless says

    “Should I be concerned?” Not unless it points up and she starts pole dancing. Even then, let her have some fun. What’s the harm?

  2. Dick the Damned says

    I dunno. But why can’t I see Kirk Cameron lying face-down on the branch above the bunch of bananas? Was he air-brushed out?

  3. katkinkate says

    Maybe she just wants to move to somewhere warm. Somewhere tropical, where bananas grow.

  4. Alexander the Good Enough says

    I’ve always found it amusing, ironic and somewhat disconcerting that we seem to be so into presenting our beloved with the, typically deracinated, sex organs of plants.

    And ThorGoLucky, talk about feelings of inadequacy, consider this poor wretch. Based on the evidence presented, I trust that will never happen to our most manly, albeit liberated, host.

  5. anuran says

    I dunno. She’s photographing big, thick, turgid genitals.
    Sending you a message mebbe?

  6. Azuma Hazuki says

    It just looks like a big curtain pull to me, or a bell rope. Like something George of the Jungle would pull if he were really wealthy and snooty and Ape was forced to, well, wear a monkey suit.

  7. diotima says

    The common name for that long stem of bananas is a ‘hand’. No, I don’t know why but it seems appropriate reading some of the comments here. :-)

  8. thumper1990 says

    What is that thing on the banana plant?

    Oh! Professor! Professor! *waves hand in air*

    …Is it Ray Comfort?

  9. Ogvorbis says

    I look at that photo, the striping on the stalk, the pointy end, and wonder why the zebra is hiding in a bunch of banananananananananas.

  10. janiceintoronto says

    It’s a dowsing pendulum. The Cavendish banana was bred not only to fit one’s hand and be Gods perfect food, it was also created to foretell the future.

    Didn’t you read Ray Comforts peer-reviewed article on Bananamancy?

  11. anuran says

    #17 Antiochus Epiphanes
    It’s a flower, sicko.

    That’s what I said “big, thick, turgid genitals”

  12. octopod says

    Man, maybe I’m just not enough of a botanist, but when I look at that thing I don’t think “sex”, I think “alien abduction”.

  13. cattleya1 says

    Bananas are functionally dioecious – the female flowers occur at the first part of the inflorescence – where the bananas form. When the females run out, the male flowers start – hence the long stretch of naked stem before the bud sheathes holding the remaining male flowers. Most cultivated bananas are sterile hybrids – mules. They produce fruits parthenocarpically from the female flowers which is why you never see real banana seeds in the fruits we get at the grocery. Real banana seeds are like bird shot. They are hard, black and look like off-round spheres about 2 – 3 mm in diameter.