1. Rev. BigDumbChimp says

    That kid is poised, informed and can make a point. Maybe the future isn’t so dull.

  2. Jeremy Shaffer says

    I watched that episode tis past weekend. The Kopplin interview was good and having Susan Jacoby following up was awesome.

  3. Bill Openthalt says

    Let’s hope even more teenagers rise up to express themselves.

    PZ, you inveterate sexist, why should this be a male-only affair :) ?

    Apologies – a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  4. says

    The whole show was good.

    I didn’t like Kopplin’s response when Moyers suggested that theistic evolution sounds like a form of creationism. Moyers’ sense was correct – teleology is not a negligible addition to evolution.

  5. says

    I think I’ll send this clip to my niece. She is still in elementary school, but is already fighting stupidity that all too often comes from her teachers.

  6. frog says

    Zack Kopplin, at the end of the interview: “I don’t think it’s a choice. I think it’s something that has to be done, and I’m the one who’s in the right position to do it, so I’m gonna do it.”

    –>Well said! This kid rolled an 18 in WIS.

    The older I get, the more I discover people I admire who are not just younger than me, but A LOT younger than me. (Yes, there’s a logic there.) On the one hand it’s a little disconcerting and a trifle embarrassing; on the other hand, it makes me feel so much better about the world and its prospects for the future.