1. Tigger_the_Wing, Ranged Throngs Termed A Nerd With Boltcutters says

    I would just love to have skin like that.

  2. chigau (違う) says

    Me, too.
    I like to trade my wrinkly, spotty, moley hide for shiny colours-on-demand.

  3. Lofty says

    I like to trade my wrinkly, spotty, moley hide for shiny colours-on-demand.

    And the lifespan to match? Natch, I’ll put up with the skin I have, it works well enough to keep the rain out. The beauty of being human is that you can wear any colour clothes you like, with flashing lights too if it turns you on… opportunity: ceph skin suits. ;-)

  4. Tigger_the_Wing, Wants Cephalopod Skin says

    Lofty, I don’t believe that a short lifespan in cephalopods is due to the skin; but, even if it were? Yes, I’d exchange. A long life is only appealing just so long as one is resaonable fit and healthy, and without excessive pain. I’m going to carry on finding something worthwhile to do and to enjoy every day as long as I am able, but the thought that I may still have several decades in front of me fills me with horror.

  5. Lofty says

    Tigger_the_Wing, I am not the one to deny you the dream of cephalopod skin, if it cheers you up. As for the happiness and health of someone confined to a wheelchair, I can always look at my mother. She had a major stroke 9 years ago (at 68) and now lives in a medium care state in a christian nursing home, while remaining a staunch atheist. Yet despite her failing health she enjoys life (no more vacuuming!!!!) and cracks rude jokes with all the nursing home staff. So I hope you too can continue to enjoy life for what little pleasures it can bring you.
    Peace. (and colourful clothes)

  6. Tigger_the_Wing, Wants Cephalopod Skin says

    Thank you, Lofty.

    Lovely poem, chigau! The next time I wear purple I shall wear a red hat. =^_^=

    I don’t mind using a wheelchair, mobility walker, walking sticks. They are tools that enables me to do more than I could without it. What I mind is the pain. It’s the pain that restricts me. So I rebel against the restrictions in every way I can.

    I rebel by: turning my walking sticks into hobby-horses.

    I rebel by: wearing bright and silly clothes, and dressing up as a pirate on Fridays.

    I rebel by: decorating my wheelchair with cutlasses in the wheels, pirate stickers on the paintwork, a pirate flag on the back, pirate plushies on the handlebars and multicoloured LEDs on the frame.

    I rebel by: going on a picnic dressed as a Pokémon trainer, with pink pigtails.

    I rebel by: going to a cosplay ball, dressed as Davros (I turned my old wheelchair into his ‘dalek-skirt’ chair. I even shaved my head totally bald).

    But sometimes, far too often, like today, my body rebels and refuses to carry my mind to the places it wants to go.

    So my mind goes there by itself.

    I cannot surf at Bondi Beach with the cephalopods, but I can surf the ‘net and connect with wonderful people.

    I can read. I can talk to my grandchildren on Skype.

    I am luckier than a cephalopod. But I’d still like to have skin like theirs.


  7. thesandiseattle says

    Imagine: designer skin colors! Feeling blue, pop a pill and your skin is blue. Might be worth looking into for some bright young chemist.

  8. Ichthyic says

    I would just love to have skin like that.

    considering we’ve been able to gene-splice bioluminescence and flourescence into mammals already, can’t imagine it will be too long before color-changing mice are a reality, and then… well why not?

    I’ve often predicted the future will have people being able to custom design the superficial genetics for their own offspring.

    kids with chromatophores doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to me, 50 years or so down the line.

  9. thumper1990 says

    See up til now the biological adaptation I most wanted was a prehensile tail… I think that’s still top of the list, but bioluminescence is now second.