Behold the Hummonite!

Whatever you do, don’t think too hard about where its spine would go. That way lies madness. Which is exactly how the Hummonite gets you.


(via TONMO)


  1. ChasCPeterson says

    What spine?
    The hummonite had no need for a stinkin spine!
    Its nerve cord was ventral; its brain encircled the esophagus like any good ‘monite. The massive coil was no cranium, but housed the visceral mass and buoyancy-regulating organ. In life, the remarkably human-like jaws would have been encircled by a writhing mass of tentacles and the dual-jet-exhaust siphon would be associated with the equivalent of the nasal foramina.
    Cool animal–why didn’t you save it for Friday?

  2. Anthony K says

    You don’t recognize a twi’lek skull when you see one?

    Admittedly, they usually have all sorts of CGI bullshit whizzing past them, but still.

  3. F [nucular nyandrothol] says

    Why is it I can’t help thinking that someone destroyed a perfectly beautiful ammonite fossil? Maybe my nym should be F [Official Drag].

  4. ChasCPeterson says


    The ‘beauty’ is mostly the result of (artificial) polishing, and it didn’t go anywhere. Nothing was “destroyed”.

    (it reminds me of a Petoskey stone hashpipe I used to have. )

  5. jimnorth says

    I misread the title as HAMMONITE, as in a distant relative of Ken Ham…makes perfect sense either way.

  6. says

    I find the polishing to be vaguely disturbing and the cutting through the fossil layers to be highly unaesthetic.

    In other words, gross.

  7. DrewN says

    A natural human (or really any) skull is pretty cool to examine. A fossil on its own would be really cool too.

    But this…

    Not really my thing. It reminds me of a skull I heard of a few years ago that an artist covered in swarovski crystals. Something that would be pretty nifty in its own, ruined because someone thought it needed more “decoration”.

  8. Menyambal --- son of a son of a bachelor says

    I am pretty sure no ammonite fossils were harmed It looks like they found a pretty rock, possibly with small odd fossils, or maybe just cast some colorful resin. (I dunno rocks all that well, but I’ve done resin molding.) They carved the blank it into shape, faking the ammonite as well as the skull..

    I can’t see an actual ammonite fossil having all that vari-colored stuff in it. Nor does a quick Google.

  9. prfesser says

    A bottle of Captain Morgan can be seen above the left eye, obviously an attempt to addict the unsuspecting viewer to the demon rum. But I fooled them! I became addicted to the filthy mixture many years ago, so the submilinal…busmilbinal…sumblibinal…sublilmimininal…
    {clears throat}
    …the hidden message solds no hay over me. Swolds no hay. Helds no holds. Holds no swag…

    ….’scuse me. Gotta go vomit and pass out for a little while before class. Doesn’t look good for the prof to staggering me in to lecture at 8:30AM.

  10. David Marjanović says

    The ammonite definitely looks real. Each chamber has at least one different infilling.

  11. DLC says

    And the Ammonites came among the Israelites and rejoiced with them for the Hebrews knew no shellfish-ness.