I am so selfish

While others are working to send deserving people, I am selfishly sending only one person to the Women in Secularism conference: ME. I just registered. My greedy self-interest worries me…maybe I’m turning into a libertarian now.


  1. says

    Chris, you know my state-funded job is about as far from the desert as you can get. I suppose you could switch your interests to wetlands…

  2. coyotenose says

    You’re safe, PZ. In order to be a true Libertarian, you’d have to get your trip subsidized and then actively work to keep other people from going because the Constitution doesn’t mention conferences or something.

  3. janiceintoronto says

    I’ll be going due to the generosity of Marcus Ranum and Stephanie Zvan. This is gonna be, well, uh, dare I say “awesome”? I’d be dating myself to say it was groovy…

    See ya’ there, eh?

    Your friend in grooviness,

    Janice in Toronto

  4. jose says

    Not at all, just figured it would be like a convention for women. They do a couple a year here, just at a local level. I need to keep myself better informed. 0:)