Land of Milk and Money

Long time (and I mean grizzled hoary ancient) commenter Zeno has a book, Land of Milk and Money, and he’s going to be signing copies in San Francisco tonight. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and give him some support!


  1. Anthony K says

    Congratulations, Zeno!

    (To be honest, I never thought Zeno would finish it. Last I heard he was only halfway done…)

  2. cm's changeable moniker says

    Heh, I noticed the plugs being posted here and there today. What’s that something…amming word?

    As one of Zeno’s … quieter … followers, I commend the effort, the publicity drive (Smosh?! Awe!—some!!!) and hope the event goes well. One day I might even buy and read the book. ;-)

  3. cm's changeable moniker says

    Last I heard he was only halfway done

    A while after that, he was three-quarters done, so I heard.

  4. says

    Our copy arrived a couple of weeks ago. I have to confess that I haven’t got past peeking at the first page, and it’s on my stack of Books I Really Want To Read When I’m Finished The Books I’m Reading Now (which will take a while, because I’m not reading as much as I used to. I really should swear off the internet for about six months…..).

  5. says

    This hoary old geezer greatly appreciates the effervescent support of young punks like you, PZ! (Have you read your copy of LMM yet?) The SF event was fun and the Consul General of Portugal showed up. (There’s a consulate in SF.)

    Many thanks to everyone for all the kind remarks. Please do not hesitate to send me effusive praise after you read my novel. It has cows! (And hapless victims of the Dunning-Kruger effect who become ensnared in their own “cunning plans.”)

    And I’m keeping my eye on you, Isaac. Continue to excel, kiddo!