1. azpaul3 says

    You’re supposed to be the expert, Doc. There is a reason there are too few floating around the web.

    They live in the ocean, not the web!


  2. Crudely Wrott says

    In the odd fashion of free association which I am helpless to explain*, this picture calls to mind an old B.C. comic strip.

    BC is looking at a small stone as Thor walks up. BC says, “Hey, Thor. Here’s a rock with the impression of a bug on it.”
    Thor looks thoughtfully at the stone and then says, “Wow! Imagine how fast that sucker must have been going!”

    *unless it’s got something to do with how fast these suckers are going. Hauling, er . . . siphon!

  3. bradleybetts says

    There are flying squid!?!?! That is so fucking cool I think I might wet myself. Please tell me there is video of this?

  4. bradleybetts says

    @Walteramos #6

    And there was me thinking a flying squid couldn’t get any cooler. Well, you showed me.

    *trundles off to youtube humming “Ride of the Valkyries”*