An important warning regarding your household recreational drug use

I  try not to abuse my soapbox here by proselytizing too often, given that this is a topic on which hordelings have deeply divided points of view. But sometimes a warning is just far too important not to share.

I’m not moralizing here. What you do with your own body is between you, your conscience, and your connection. But an informed choice is always the best choice. I urge you to pay close attention to this Public Service Announcement.


  1. says

    Pffft, I don’t have to grow it, the wild stuff grows all over our property. Anyway, sorry, Chris, I’ll take my chances with the evil drug. It makes a nice tea for the people types, and in this house, with 5 cats and 23 rats who all indulge in the drug, I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.

  2. Sophia, Michelin-starred General of the First Mediterranean Iron Chef Batallion says

    My cat is indifferent to catnip, but absolutely adores celery leaves for some reason. Rolls in them, eats them (prefers them dried, concentrated flavour!) and then sprawls out and drools.

  3. Fred Salvador - Colonialist says

    Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about that one time I gave my cat coke. Coulda been worse.

  4. Mattir says

    Our vet told us to wait until Turing the Purring Machine was at least 4-5 months old before introducing him to The Drug. I guess myelination is important.

  5. says

    That is wonderful.

    On a more serious note, I was watching “Must Love Cats” a while back, and he interviewed a woman who’s researching catnip and how it works She said almost no one studies it, and I was shocked. It seems like so many insights could be gained, and it’s just so interesting.

  6. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Hmm…is that catnip out back, or oregano. Maybe some unsuspecting addict….Nah, the oregano has hybridized with the regular mint…

  7. says

    watch this unscrupulous drug dealer trying to expand his client-base:Big Cats on ‘Nip

    Wow. They’re beautiful.

    (Funny – I was thinking the cat in the OP video eating the nip looks like a little lion.)

  8. Gregory Greenwood says

    A few years ago we found out that the odd looking plant groing in the garden was catnip when our three cats ate all the leaves and stem, and then dug up the roots and ate them too, before collapsing in the garden bed to drool in a semi conscious state for the next quarter of an hour.

    It seemed to be the start of a habit, because one of those cats went on to regularly eat the leaves of fuschias no matter what we did to try to stop her, and would then bliss out for a few minutes, before going back for more some time later. Dead leaves were preferred for some reason, but fresh ones were also eaten…

    Hey – what do you mean this is a vice sting? I’m not a dealer – I have a licence to have those fuschias for decorative purposes! This is entrapment, entrapment I say!

  9. Francisco Bacopa says

    Christopher Smart in the “For I will consider my cat Geoffrey” section of his poem Jubilante Agno, said catnip was evidence that God had specifically blessed cats from among all his creations as it was a powerful drug with no side effects.

  10. Trebuchet says

    Nuts. Getting no audio on my phone and can’t get to the computer because there’s a cat sleeping in my wheelchair.

    Note: the chair is only a temporary situation; I broke myself doing something stupid back in December.

  11. Gvlgeologist, FCD says

    One of my favorite photos of my sadly departed kitty friend is of him absolutely blissed out on the weed, with his tongue hanging out, and his eyes clearly unfocussed. I’ve seen him and our other cats get the munchies afterwards, too.

  12. Crudely Wrott says

    I think it is up to each and every cat, as an individual, to decide for their own selves whether they will or will not take this drug. It’s the same latitude that I give myself and my fellow humans.

    Oh, I also drink beer, in fact I am at this very moment and this very moment is further characterized by a conspicuous lack of both cats and catnip.


  13. unclefrogy says

    I had to go looking for some cat nip I have had sealed in a jar for a long long time and give a pinch to mister thumbs
    Thanks I had forgotten about it. it seems to not have lost its interesting qualities.

    uncle frogy

  14. Crudely Wrott says

    I really miss my Louis Kidden. He knew how to do so many different things and most important to our close relationship, how to cooperate. If he told me he was hungry I would tell him to go and get ready. That meant sitting beside his dish and waiting while I whipped up something good for him.

    If I asked, “Kitty like brush?” he knew to stand on the seat of the spare chair with his front paws up on the seat back. All the easier to brush him.

    After a day of work, I’d open the door and call, “Where’s my kidden?” He’d appear and I’d lay down on the floor and we’d bump heads. Heh. Bump heads.

    Humans are better at speaking cat than cats are at speaking human. So sad that few humans ever figure that out.

    Come to think of it, I can’t recall him ever doing catnip. Don’t suppose he missed it. I never thought to get it for him since he was always so cool in his natural state. Maybe I should have but now I’ll never know. Don’t suppose I missed it either.

    I miss my little buddy. Perhaps there is another like him in my future. I sure hope so. Time’s a wasting.

  15. jefrir says

    watch this unscrupulous drug dealer trying to expand his client-base:Big Cats on ‘Nip

    That video’s amazing; it has relevant and reasonably intelligent comments! On youtube!

  16. Gnumann+, Radfem shotgunner of inhuman concepts says

    That video’s amazing; it has relevant and reasonably intelligent comments! On youtube!

    What? Are you nipping right now?

  17. Nakkustoppeli says

    Caine, you got me curious, what effect does catnip have on rats? Do they get high like cats or is it something else? Googling got me mostly questions on whether catnip would repel rats.

  18. Don Quijote says

    To all cats worldwide. Please join our anti-catnipers society to eradicate this evil blight on the feline reputation.

    Join today and receive a free ball of wool.

  19. says

    I suspect the only reason the cats haven’t wiped us all out yet is because they’re too strung out on the ‘nip to properly organize. For the safety of humanity: drug your cat today!

  20. jnorris says

    Words cannot describe the bravery of those cats in the film that shared their experiences on the Evil Weed. They came clean for the benefit of all Felinekind. I hope every kitten in America sees this film and learns the lessons about The Nippy!

  21. mikel says

    This is not a parody. It’s something I actually watched in the 6th grade back in 19hey you kids get off my lawn.

  22. hermione says

    So sad, my kittens don’t react to the nip. Guess they’ll never know what they’re missing..