NECSS is coming up

That’s the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism if you didn’t already know — 5-7 April in New York City. I was there last year, and it’s a good meeting — check it out.

Unfortunately, I won’t be there this year, but there’s something even better than me: a discount. And let’s get serious here, what would you rather have: me, or an extra 10% in your pocket? So I was sent these instructions:

As Pharyngula readers you are entitled to discount registration at our annual conference, the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism. NECSS 2013 will take place on April 05-07 in New York City (more info here).

Registration for NECSS 2013 is now open and we are happy to provide you your registration coupon code: PZ2013. This code will give you a 10% discount on your registration price.

Please follow these steps to use your code:

1. Go the NECSS registration page.

2. Enter the code in the “coupon code” field at the bottom of the registration page and click “Apply Coupon”.

3. You will now see an option to purchase one member-priced ticket at the bottom of the page.

4. Select your member-discounted ticket and any other registration options.

5. Click “Checkout with PayPal” and continue to the payment screen.

NECSS is where the SGU gang hangs out, and that alone is worth the price of admission.


  1. says

    Seconding PZ’s assessment of last year’s meeting. The topics and presenters were diverse and engaging, and we met some very nice people there. My partner went reluctantly last year to humor me; now he cannot wait to go back.

    By far the highlight for me was meeting my Tentacled Overlord, so I really don’t see how this year’s event could possibly compare.