A petition is a kind of poll, isn’t it?

First, go read Amy Roth’s summary of the situation: there is a small group of Mabusesque obsessive haters who have been harassing a number of vocal atheists for the past few years. I know; I’m one of their targets, and I can tell you, these people are really screwed up and pathologically focused on hating anyone who dares to profess any support for feminism, or any kind of support for increasing the diversity of the movement. They’re loud, they’re persistent, and they’re an embarrassment to the community.

Now, once you’re in the right frame of mind to understand the context, go read Adam Lee’s petition to support feminism and diversity in the secular community.

You’ll know what to do.


  1. mandrellian says

    Signed. Adam rules. Way to call out the real bullies.

    + Amy rules. Way to rise above the shit!

    (Anticipating inevitable twitter/youtube lackwit backlash regarding “freezepeach/professional victims/misandry” in 3, 2 …)

  2. says

    Signed, with this message:

    I want the atheoskeptic community at large to reflect inclusiveness. I want people, all kinds of people, to feel safe and welcome. I am tired of being told I’m uppity, I’m tired of being told I’m too emotional, I’m tired of being treated as less than human and improper material to be a skeptic.

  3. athyco says

    I do like yours, Caine. My message:

    Too often, minorities have been excluded from groups or opportunities based on factors outside their ability to fit into those groups. This trend must not mar the atheist/skeptical/secular community.

  4. says

    Thanks, Athyco. I did a blog post about it, too, and put it up on Needled and A Thousand Stitches Deep. I am so damn tired of this being an issue. All the assclams are welcome to dream up their own name for their exclusive hater’s club and separate completely from the rest of us. I’m good with that.

  5. Janine: Hallucinating Liar says

    They already did! They called it Slymepit, and I’ll give them this, the name is perfect.

    I am not sure how separate the Slymepit is from FtB. Most of the comments there is fueled by what is said in this network.

    As it stands, this network would remain as busy as ever with any mention of that site. The Slymepit would either become silent or have to find an other object to obsess about.

  6. Shplane, Spess Alium says

    I really hope no one thinks less of me for rarely if ever signing petitions.

    Putting my real name on internet things skeeves me the fuck out.

  7. Leanchoilia says

    I feel I have been negligent by not doing anything about this issue till now. I hope that many people like myself decide to sign this petition. I also hope that it helps inspire many of us to take more action to make a healthier community.

    That’s the reason I gave. I have yet to figure out what exactly I’ll do to uphold my end of the “tak[ing] more action,” but I figure dipping my toes into a community or two that I’ve lurked in is a decent start.

  8. says


    Putting my real name on internet things skeeves me the fuck out.

    So make one up. Would anyone really know if you’re John/Joan Smith or not? Christ.

    I really hope no one thinks less of me

    I do. Nothing like an finding excuse to remain part of the problem while enjoying the benefits provided by those who do the actual fighting and manage to the right thing.

  9. glodson says

    Signed, with my real name too. I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t sign it. Diversity is good. Making a commmunity where people are treated according to their action and thoughts rather than bullied into silence with threats is good. Making a community where people feel comfortable regardless of their race, sex, gender, or sexuality is good. Dissent is good as long as we are dealing with the arguments and not threating the person.

    I see no reason not to support it. There can be no real dialogue when a vocal group derails any attempt with nonsense and vitriol.

    I would have left a reason, but my reasons were already laid out much more eloquently than I am capable by others.

  10. shouldbeworking says

    Signed, with my real name. I guess that makes me one of the FFB clones.

    But seriously, it’s so obviously the right way to go.

  11. Shplane, Spess Alium says


    Yeah, I was going to post some big indignant mess, but I think I’d rather watch some more Community.

    It makes me uncomfortable, either because I’m putting my real name on it or because I’m lying. Neither makes me feel particularly good, and honestly, I do plenty of things that do a hell of a lot more to change people’s minds than a shitty e-petition every day, so I don’t really feel any need to feel guilty about it.

    So, yep.


    It’s a good show.

  12. says

    Why do people need to sign the petition? Oh, I don’t know. Maybe because someone just signed it “Rebitcha Twatson OPHELIASCUNT, DJ ” thereby proving its necessity.

  13. says

    But why did you feel the need to announce that you’re not signing the petition, Shplane? You could have just… not signed the petition. No one would have noticed. What was your goal there? Why did you think it was important for everyone to know that?

  14. Shplane, Spess Alium says



    It was a comment, I was tired, I maybe expected other people who don’t like signing petitions to talk about why it bothers them or something? I don’t know, it’s an internet comment section. Why does anyone say anything?

  15. theoreticalgrrrl says

    “As a man I must say if these were my biggest complaints (older women DO grab on me etc and men are ALWAYS being broken down by their boss etc)–I’d be a happy man indeed. Sorry sugar but your equal rights came with equal responsibilities. You can’t have it both ways..the entire world of man will NOT change just to suit your feelings that might not even be rationally sound feelings in the first place.”

    This is a comment today on Karen X’s blog, More Women In Skepticism. She started the blog naively thinking people wanted more women in skepticism. From a lot of the comments, it’s starting not to look that way. Or that if women really want to be treated equally, they shouldn’t expect not to be punched in the face because that’s what guys do to each other, so you just want special treatment by asking me not to punch you in the face.

  16. says

    Tony, I’d be happier if they all got a fucking clue and stopped what they’re doing for the right reasons. As it doesn’t seem that’s going to happen any time soon, they can set up their own distinctly separate shop.