Women in Secularism 2

Oh, look: registration is open for the second Women in Secularism conference, to be held in Washington DC on 17-19 May. It was a great success the first time around, and now Melody Hensley is under great pressure, I’m sure, to top it — so you should go!


  1. caveatimperator says

    But if it’s not a success, is it Rebecca Watson’s fault? Or maybe it’s nobody’s fault individually, but proof that women can’t accomplish anything without a man’s help?
    But if it’s a success, does this mean Rebecca Watson has furthered her goals of eliminating men? That’s how this stuff works, right?
    (p.s. Almighty P.Z., would you be so kind as to delete my one-word comment above? My phone decided to post a comment when I had barely started writing it.)

  2. says

    I very much want to go, but this is right after finals week at MSUM. I’ll have to wait and see when my one final there is, because if it’s 2nd half of the week, I won’t have enough travel time left to get to WIS2

  3. Brenda Weber says

    I hope the organizers are once again successful, but I’m curious, so please indulge me. Why should they feel pressure to “top” last year? Is it not enough that a conference be successful on it’s own without comparison to a past one?

  4. Tony the Queer Shoop (proud supporter of Radical Feminism) says

    I should be in a much better financial position by that time, so it would be fun to try and go.

  5. Socio-gen, something something... says

    I want to go but it’s at the worst time of the year for me — the end of the semester and the start the rush to get everything ready for our women’s leadership program in June. Plus, I just can’t afford it unless I give up my summer visit to see my family.

    Jadehawk: MSUM final exam schedule