Mary’s Monday Metazoan: The antithesis of January in Minnesota


(via RENCTAS, an organization that fights wild animal trafficking in Brazil)


  1. says

    More likely to detoxify poisons in what they eat.

    Hm, maybe not. Wiki notes a study that casts doubt, suggesting that sodium is what macaws are going for in the clay licks. Minerals, or at least one crucial mineral.

    Glen Davidson

  2. Puzzled says

    It is a beautiful work of photography and a beautiful animal.

    Incidentally, I used the exact same picture as a template when my mother asked me to paint her garage door with macaws (you may notice that one of the left wing’s primaries seems broken or shortened).

  3. David Marjanović says

    Over here, winter is scheduled to return on Saturday.

    Pet release or escape?

    Brazil. The antithesis of {January in Minnesota}.

  4. vaiyt says

    I’m sad that, in the past, I contributed to animal trafficking. I had two tamarins as pets (bought by my uncle). Such lovable creatures. I still miss them, but would never have another.