Making babies

The first bit of this video is an opalescent squid filling her egg sac; then the cool and special part is how many squid mothers carefully insert their sac into a community cluster. Oh, man, they’re just lovely.


  1. damiand says

    Wow, thank you for featuring this on Pharyngula! I’m a fan and never expected to see my stuff here. Cheers!

  2. Ogvorbis: Broken and feeling worthless says

    That’s beautiful.

    And I love the way, when she is filling the egg sack, it looks like she is giving the camera the stink-eye. Sort of, “Why are you filming this?”

  3. cm's changeable moniker says

    It is all kinds of awesome, but I kind of expected something at the end to go “ooh, squid egg sacs, NYOM”.

    Do they really just leave them there? That’s brave.

  4. catlover says

    That’s really pretty neat! I loved the music.
    I don’t know much about squid and was
    surprised at the large size of her eyes.
    I, too, wonder how any of the little ones ever
    survive predator attacks. Those egg sacs look
    awfully defenseless.

  5. jnorris says

    I too wonder how the community hatchery is protected. It looks to vulnerable. Also, in the first part of the film, is the egg sack in among the tentacles?

  6. jstackpo says

    How does mom attach the egg-sack to the twig (or whatever that stick-like item is)?

  7. zan says

    Why do some types of squid pile their egg sacs together? It seems like a great way to let predators find all the eggs in one place to eat them all.