Well, that’s a novel use for Carl Sagan

The Sagan break-up: how to sound semi-erudite while breaking up with your boyfriend.

I prefer my use of Sagan: nothing matters in the cosmic scheme of things, so I think I’ll take a nap.


  1. Fred Salvador - The Public Sucks; Fuck Hope says

    Observation? You couldn’t see a thing. Conclusion? I did not have relations with my secretary.

  2. sirgenethe1st says

    Perhaps it’s the sound quality from my computer, the lack of fidelity in the video clip, or it might just be that I am 73 years old with failing senses and failing comprehension but I could not decipher most of the spoken words due to the actors’ accents. My bad… probably.

  3. nohellbelowus says


    I agree. Couldn’t understand much at all. Robin Ince may as well have been Charlie Chaplin.

  4. sharkjack says

    @3 &4:
    I could hear it just fine. My English listening tests used to be harder than this, with extra background noises and no visuals to help you grasp the context.

  5. nohellbelowus says


    Unfortunately, merely reading your comment didn’t help me to hear it any better. I’ll try reading your words again, but I remain skeptical as to their efficacy.

  6. tccc says

    The sound quality was terrible. It was very difficult to understand, which is unfortunate because the 5 mins I got through appeared to be well written, if not well acted.

  7. unclefrogy says

    the accents were not so hard to deal with but the sound levels did not work for me they should have been wearing mics if they were going to go all low and soft then louder. I liked the random closeups of the things on the table. what? a blue cup ? a spoon?
    it was funny

    the quote from Sagan at the end had a similar note to some of Ricks lines in Casa Blanca

    uncle frogy

  8. twista says

    Ok, so the audio quality wasn’t perfect but I didn’t find it difficult to understand what they were saying in the slightest. I just turned the volume up a little and it was fine. Really enjoyed it. Quality cameos

  9. khms says

    Sorry, I can only understand about every third word – the meaning gets completely lost that way.

    I don’t think it’s noise – I might understand the accent if the recording was clearer, maybe, but not this way.

  10. says

    Sounds fine to me. The ‘wipe’ sounds are a little loud, but other than that, it’s probably more the accents than the sound quality you’re having trouble with (guessing none of the people having trouble are Brits). Try watching ‘Trainspotting’ with the subtitles off.

  11. mike says

    I’m not a Brit and could understand everything just fine, I guess its from watching all that Monty Python as a child