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    We have one for a pet that glows under ultraviolet radiation. They are an awesome low maintenance pet. They are also studied because they can regenerate limbs. Maybe it has something to do with neoteny?

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    Axolotls are cute.

    That said, if memory serves, didn’t you use this same picture for a Monday metazoan a couple years ago (maybe more recently than that)?

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    We have two axolotls, one leucistic and one “wild”, both GFP modified (they glow under blue LED). Great pets if you can keep the water cool enough for them and are willing to do some research.

  4. piero says

    I recommend the short story “Axolotl” by the Argentinian writer Julio Cortázar. It contains not only a masterly description of the animal, but uses it as a wonderful metaphor for the human condition. Oh, and by the way, Mexicans call it “ajolote”, with the “j” as the “ch” in “Loch Ness”.