Another frantic day

I’m still grading. I have to review my lecture for today. I have meetings scheduled. And then at 3 I’m scurrying out of my office to race down the road to St Cloud to give a lecture at the St Cloud Public Library at 7. Then zoom, straight back home to do some late night prep work for tomorrow.

But it’s a 4 day weekend coming up! Yay! I’m kind of desperately crawling my way forward to just finish up Wednesday.


  1. blf says

    But it’s a 4 day weekend coming up!

    Um, no. After consulting with the various Magical Faeries & Other Beasties, it was decided to cancel the end of November. That way, the English cricket team maybe won’t embarrass themselves in India. It’s about their only chance…

  2. DLC says

    the good news is, you’ll have the weekend off.

    blf : I am sure that Cricket was banned by the Intergalactic League as a war crime. Or something. Douglas Adams said something to that effect some years ago.