Shhh. I’m taking a little detour.

Next week, I’m off to Washington DC for day after day of grant-related business, and I’m going to be tied up with all kinds of projects. But I get in on Monday evening, and on the way to the conference, I thought I’d take a little detour…Salman Rushdie is speaking! Don’t tell anyone at HHMI, I promise to buckle down to work right after that.


  1. psocoptera says

    HHMI’s Janelia Farms or other DC area location? If Janelia Farms, you check out Lost Rino for a meal and good brew. Doesn’t look like much and they could use some more tables, but the beer is pretty awesome.

  2. regcheeseman says

    Good luck with the Rushdie. I heard him talk in the 90s and I found him smug and sententious.

  3. gregpeterson says

    Huh. My partner and I heard Rushdie speak a few years ago as part of the Westminster Town Hall Forum, and he was excellent. A confident speaker, surely, but the word “smug” wouldn’t have seemed to apply.

    Rushdie is also speaking in Hopkins, MN, (a Minneapolis suburb) on October 18 and 19, promoting his book and raising money for the local library system. I understand that the evening event on the 19th is sold out (I got my tickets last spring when they first went on sale), but the October 19 (Friday morning) event might still be open–for interested locals.

  4. brazenlucidity says

    I also had a very enjoyable experience hearing him give a talk. I had tickets to see him once again, but unfortunately the date was September 11, 2001. Needless to say, he didn’t make it into town.

  5. liminus says

    I’ve just seen him this evening at Cheltenham Literature Festival talking about his new book and various topics. Thoroughly enjoyable!