1. mithrilbiscuit says

    I don’t know why you think these things are better than cats, it’s a known fact that…ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOCEPHALOPOD!

  2. katkinkate says

    I found out something cool about the Giant Australian Cuttlefish that breeds off southern Australia every year. Some of their males use a sneaky f*cker strategy to breed just like bighorn sheep and other herbivores with harems. I watched a documentary on ABC iView ( iview/#/docs) called ‘Diving with Aliens’, about various cephalopods around the world. There’s about 5 days left to view it if anyone is interested.

  3. katkinkate says

    Oh also it’s Blasphemy Day here in Australia, so … the hypnocephalopod doesn’t actually have any powe…-ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOCEPHALOPOD!

  4. chigau (違わない) says

    So, I just got around to this thread.
    Hey, I just had calamar … ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOCEPHALOPOD!

  5. brazenlucidity says

    Isn’t the wonderful imagination of our creator, The Lord Jesus Christ, simply amazing! How incredible is his nature? Who can’t look on this amazing creature and not accept it as proof of his majesty and power?! How could this come about by chance? Impossible! His fingerprint is evident in all. God bless you all!