Support a good cause this weekend!

DPR Jones’ yearly fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders will be broadcast on BlogTV this weekend, the 8th-9th of September. The full schedule is online, but you should tune in for some interesting and entertaining discussion anytime (although the 7pm hour is problematic, with the fabulous Cristina Rad paired with someone we’d all rather forget). Ignore the toxic toad in the corner, though, the cause is well worth supporting and the conversation will be enlightening.

I might pop in somewhere in there, too, but we’re still talking about when. It’ll be a surprise!


  1. screechymonkey says

    Oh, those divisive Doctors Without Borders — they think they’re so much better than doctors with borders! Who are they to decide what doctors should do to help people?

    (Please be sure to calibrate your sarcasm detectors.)

  2. Brownian says

    ‘Toxic toad’? School playground name-calling, PZ? Tsk tsk.

    He might not exactly be toxic, but I’m not going to lick him to find out.

  3. says

    Aron Ra and Mr. Deity should be a hoot. Maybe Cristina will ignite a little introspection for he who shall not be named and his somewhat atrophied common sense will burn through and reassert itself.

  4. MG Myers says

    Raising more than $100,000 over the last three years for Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders is very impressive! Kudos to those involved in making it happen.

  5. csrster says

    I started donating to MSF at the time of the Asian Tsunami. I keep hoping I’ll hear something skeazy about them so I’ll have an excuse to stop the direct debit and have more money for drugs and whores, but so far nothing! Damn you, good guys!

  6. Data Jack says

    Also, my wife and I will be matching any donations made during Cristina Rad’s hour, up to a grand. So if you are going to give, consider giving during her time slot. This really is a great and worthwhile charity event.